Marina Yudashkin told about the cherished desire

Марина Юдашкина рассказала о заветном желании Spouse couturier touching congratulated him on his wedding anniversary. 29 years ago, Valentin and Marina Yudashkina went for a crown. Fans admire a family idyll famous designer and his wife.

      Relations Valentina and Marina Yudashkina for many fans considered to be exemplary. For almost 30 years, they live in perfect harmony. Not so long ago, their only daughter Galina was born a son, Anatoly, that United the whole family. The spouses are United and that they are engaged in a family affair – Marina Yudashkin works as the head of a fashion House of her husband.

      Today the couple are celebrating an important date for them. Exactly ninth day of January, 1988, they were married.

      “Dear Valya, today the date of our wedding 29 years together. You and I have a good family, a wonderful daughter-in-law and grandson! What do you want? Only health! I love you very much!” – posted by Marina Yudashkin in the microblog.

      Fans admired a family idyll, which manages to keep spouses Yudashkin for many years. They congratulated the famous couple with the anniversary and wished them happiness. Followers celebrities learned from their example that it is possible to keep love and mutual respect over many years. “Marinochka! I congratulate you on valley with your anniversary! Health! Happiness! Joy and long life in love and peace! You’re a terrific couple! Light people! Love you and thank God that you are in my life!”, “Congratulations with the birthday of the family. Happiness, prosperity and long years together forever!”, “Wonderful, a pleasure for you to watch. I wish you a long happy life together! Personally don’t know you, but that does not prevent me to wish your wonderful family of good and happiness,” wrote fans.

      All fans of the famous couple known that spouses have always supported each other. Last fall, couturier was not able to attend the screening of his new collection at fashion week in Paris. His wife and daughter had to present outfits secular audiences around the world, while the designer had regained his health. Attentive wife kept him informed of what is happening on the fashion show – send photos, videos, and rave reviews from the audience.

      The only heiress of Valentina and Marina Yudashkina Galina also decided to become part of the family business. In the autumn of last year she has served as art Director for the fashion House of the father. Now the heir loud the names of the pleased to take part in the business.