Юлия Топольницкая пожаловалась на жизнь в Москве The actress admitted that irritates her the most. Today, the CTC has presented the first issue of the new series “You’re pissing me off” in which the characters are trying to cope with emotions. Topol’nitskiy, who played in the film manicurist Nel explained how fights with the negative.

      Юлия Топольницкая пожаловалась на жизнь в Москве

      The past year was very eventful for Julia Topol’nitskiy. In early 2016, the actress flashed in the music video “Exhibit a” rock band “Leningrad”, in the middle – married with Igor Chekhov from the Comedy Club, but also managed to star in the TV series “You’re pissing me off”, which was released on STS channel 9 Jan.

      Topol’nitskiy partners in the project were Svetlana Khodchenkova, Nikolay Fomenko, Alexander PAL, Ingrid Olerinsky. Julia got the role of manicurist Nelly. Her character is a very naive girl who believes everything and is not afraid of deception. As recognized herself an actress, she’s not like her character, but understands it. According to Topol’nitskiy, the creators of the series have collected different types of the characters to show that each of them responds differently to what is happening around.

      “Everyone has some moments that drives him crazy. And the script of our show just for those interested me, because about that no one says but all of us is something annoying. Simply, we often pretend that all is well,” said Julia.

      The actress gave an example from my own life. Topol’nitskiy lives in Moscow but was unable to accept some realities. She admits that hates public transport, as well as the excessive attention of strangers to his person.

      “I, for one, like many, hate the Moscow metro, when imposed on people or when strangers touch my things”, – explained the actress.

      The plot of the series “You are my problem” revolves around the journalist of the city newspaper Sony Berezovoi played by Svetlana Khodchenkova. Her character does not differ friendliness and sociability, therefore, it is very difficult to build relationships. However, even one drop of alcohol makes Sonia the friendliest, most sociable person in the world. It was after one event Bagretsova finds not only new friends, but also love.