Шедевр или кинопровал: «Викинг» стал самой обсуждаемой картиной недели The historical film was released in late December. For the first nine days of the January holidays, the Viking managed to see thousands of spectators. Social media has sparked an ardent discussion of the film: some of the users expressed almost a ban of the picture, while others praise the creators of the new.

      Шедевр или кинопровал: «Викинг» стал самой обсуждаемой картиной недели

      In the past holidays, the majority of Russian movie fans appreciated the new historical film directed by Andrei Kravchuk “Viking”. A new picture featuring popular actors broke records at the box office, collecting 1.25 billion rubles. Fans of this genre of movies to discuss the film in social networks and microblogs lead actors fans write glowing comments.

      The Central character in the historical drama became the Prince of Vladimir, played by Danila Kozlovsky. According to the actor, he had to read a lot of materials on ancient history, However, is not to say that all the content is completely copied the real representatives of the ruling dynasty. Written by Anatoly Maximov noted that the plot of the film is one of the interpretations of events of that time.

      Specialists in the history of Russia noticed a number of inaccuracies that are evident. “In Russia, Scandinavia had the Vikings not named, in Russia they were called Vikings and the only way. Therefore, the word, and the name of the movie – not the topic and incorrect. Crossbows appeared only in the 13th century. Even primitive versions are high to the very beginning of the 13th century. And what is shown in the film, crossbow 14th century. The events in the film occur in the middle of the 10th century,” writes the girl on one of the portals dedicated to the movie.

      Preparations for the shooting of the film lasted for about six years. According to users of social networks, the filmmakers can be proud of excellent computer graphics.

      “This visual feast and meticulousness, thoroughness, fault-finding in detail was not one domestic film of our time. Bravo,” said one reviewer.

      One of the first picture looked Russian President Vladimir Putin. The head of state was pleased with the work of Andrei Kravchuk, and noted that it would be ready again to go to the cinema to historical drama. The Minister of culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medinsky called “Viking” one of the biggest movies he’s ever seen.

      The audience had time to watch the film, I think that the actors managed to portray the spirit of old Russian warriors. “From the filming and the actor’s performance also can not find, holes. Danila Kozlovsky and Maxim Sukhanov skillfully hold audience in his hands, forcing him to empathize and reflect on the motivations of their characters. Music is actually worthy of applause, for something so memorable and emotional, I have not heard not only in our movies but in the West,” wrote the Network a fan of historical paintings.

      Шедевр или кинопровал: «Викинг» стал самой обсуждаемой картиной недели

      But several celebrities reacted negatively to the new drama. Maxim Fadeev felt that the “Viking” got incorrect marked “12+” because, in his opinion, some of the cruel scenes of the film it is better not to show minors. “Imagine my surprise when at the very beginning of the film we are all together with the children beheld the scene of the murder of the animal. Being a teacher by profession, I am quite sure that children can not watch. And then we saw the crowd running around covered in blood of people”, – said the composer in a social network.

      Other figures of show business, hinted that the Russian creators tried to “outdo” loved by a wide audience of the series “Game of thrones”.

      “The film tells about the producing country, as a country not just a regional, but in every sense secondary. How about a country that desperately wants someone, and most importantly, to herself to prove that she can make a movie worse than… What is nonsense! As tired of it!”, pointed out Yevgeny Grishkovets. The actor believes that the campaign for the painting in the movie is a waste of money.

      However, in the historical drama there are many scenes of bloodshed and shots of erotic content that caused a negative reaction from many viewers. Basically, a severed head and a scene with a naked actress Alexandra Bortech can be seen only in the version of “18+”. However, the blood and the battle with the use of bladed weapons are present in the film, adapted for family viewing age-restricted “12+”.

      Шедевр или кинопровал: «Викинг» стал самой обсуждаемой картиной недели

      By the way, the inhabitants of the Crimea, where they filmed part of the scenes of the Viking, decided to do a little business. Tourists can experience the atmosphere of a historical film, visiting the places he worked on the film: Taganskoe reservoir (Belogorsk district), the Genoese fortress (Sudak), village School (Simferopol), Bakhchysarai and Cape Fiolent (Sevastopol).

      After the historical drama was free, the scenery was used in the construction of the first in the Crimea movie Park “Viking”.