Marilyn Kerro has gone from Alexander Sheps because of the baby

Мэрилин Керро уходила от Александра Шепса из-за ребенка Recently my favorite pair of all fans of “the battle of psychics” have reconciled after a break-up. And now it became known that destroyed the once strong Alliance stars most mysterious of the project. Estonian witch frankly told about their desires and dreams.

      The 11th series of the 17th season of “Battle of psychics” one of the most prominent member and main contenders to win Marilyn Kerro in a Frank dialogue with the correspondent has answered the question hundreds of thousands of fans why she broke up with Alexander Sheps after several years of happy Union. According to the witches, they are faced with the fact that different views on life. 28-year-old Marilyn wants children and is willing to give up everything for the happiness to be a mother. In the air it is visible as Tagalog woman are given these words, she barely holding back tears, but tried to stay calm and confident.

      “If I had children, I would have them and engaged. I would sit with the family. Well, will have the most to deal with it. Go under the cabbage’ll find a child. Or the stork will bring. When I was in Estonia recently, seen as they flew past… I froze. My mom asked me what happened to me. I said: mom, I want a baby,” admitted Kerro.

      Surprisingly, for all that Marilyn had once refused to marry Alexander. In 2014, Sheps did Kerro offer and gave an engagement ring. But at that moment the woman was not ready for such serious step. “Marriage is like a game, performances. To go to the registry office – just to put a stamp in the passport, it’s like to shout to the world: “See how we love each other! Never dreamed about a big celebration, white dress, huge cake, and other attributes of a wedding,” explained the then Estonian witch.

      On whether it was ready now to become the wife of Isaac, Marilyn says. But what is top priority for the stars of “Battle” now the family, she hides. Perhaps the desire to get married came to the Estonian. Kerro also never denied that he continues to love 29-year-old psychic, even after the breakup, saying that such feelings can not pass quickly.

      But Kerro and Sheps still managed not to lose the attraction to each other and constant despite a quarrel, to make peace. In the press again talking about Alexander and Marilyn, as a couple. “We’re together, all is well. I love my little witch,” admitted the winner of the 14th season of “Battle of psychics”. He now actively supports the woman in all tests of the project, and fans hope to see Kerro at the end of the season with the coveted statuette winner in his hands.