Tarasov status Buzova: “is She crying? I think I drank a lot”

Тарасов о состоянии Бузовой: «Она плачет? По-моему просто перепила» About the breakup of a footballer and TV presenter in the press do not cease to write for several weeks. Fans of the star couple are seriously worried about their Pets and wish them a speedy review of the truce. But if telestroke leading “House-2” upset about what is happening and barely hiding the tears, the athlete is relaxed and even aggressive.

      Тарасов о состоянии Бузовой: «Она плачет? По-моему просто перепила»

      At the moment Olga Buzova is in Spain, where I flew from snowy Russia to warm in the first place, your heart. Celebrity difficult given the rift with her beloved husband. For several years it was buried in Instagram photos cuddling with Tarasov and most romantic confession of feelings for him. It seemed that this pair can not break anything, ever. But marriage is still cracked, and long-time spouses live separately, unsubscribed from each other in social networks and did not really give any comments about the situation.

      Buzova is hardly possible to continue smiling at the camera. Despite the positive pictures in her microblog, their shade sad poems that Olga leaves in the caption to the posts. And today the guests of the hotel Gran Hotel Guadalpin Banus, where now Buzova, seen the star of the TV screens in the bar all alone. The young woman closed a hand over his face, trying to hide the tears.

      Fans of the presenter immediately began to attempt to obtain comments on the status of Olga, and even decided to write Tarasov. A recent post in his Instagram podpischiki began to ask the player whether he is going to establish a relationship with his wife, indicating that she is now really bad and she was crying. What, to the surprise of all, without exception, fans of the pair, Dmitry replied sharply, “is She crying? I think she’s just drunk”.

      “Even if she’s drunk, it’s not a man to write so openly, whatever it was, you loved her and shared her bed and dreams. Me to your pair do everything exactly, I’m not following you, not interested, saw the tape and was unable to respond. Be a man, not his likeness!”, commented perturbed podistica.

      And in solidarity with her was the vast majority. Almost all condemned Tarasova for such a sharp and totally obscene remarks addressed more recently his beloved wife, with whom he lived four years. In Instagrame even came with a “light hand” commentators new hashtag #tarsonemid. Certainly publishing with them will grow in number for a long time.

      There were, of course, and those who once called the sitatsii a publicity stunt the couple to draw attention to themselves, and those who asked the fans to refrain from accusations against Dmitry. How to react to this behavior of the athlete Olga herself, one can only assume. It is possible that the presenter will have enough tact and restraint to not pour dirt on a loved one in response. But, judging by the state of celebrity, it now could be taken too emotionally.

      Scandal in the family of Olga Buzova: money, child, and other reasons for the separation

      Apparently, Dmitry Tarasov, indeed, cold to the beloved, again allows himself such a harsh word. Recall that the numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva, examining the vital codes stars, they predicted the parting on the initiative of the player. Earlier in mass media already there was speculation about what the cause of the disorder was another girl who supposedly was fond of Tarasov. A psychic has confirmed this version, saying that the athlete will soon expect a new relationship.