Husband of Lyudmila Gurchenko: “It is brilliant to drive!”

Муж Людмилы Гурченко: «Она гениально управляла машиной!» “StarHit” learned the details of the passion of the artist. Husband of favorite million talked about how, without which she could not imagine life. Today Lyudmila Markovna would have turned 81 years old.

      Муж Людмилы Гурченко: «Она гениально управляла машиной!»

      Lyudmila Gurchenko not with us for several years, although when you look at her it seemed that such people will live forever. Gurchenko remained in the memory of millions of Russians witty, acerbic, fun-loving, and forever young. We all know that Lyudmila Markovna loved beautiful fitted dress, with all over her house were laid out candies “Stolichny”, which the actress was consumed in enormous quantities. Had Gurchenko and another passion, which knew only the closest – she was an avid motorist. She and her husband, Sergei Senin, told the correspondent of “StarHit” in their last meeting in the summer of 2010 at the film festival “Window to Europe” in Vyborg, where she had brought her film “Motley twilight”.

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      Then, inspired and exalted Gurchenko, famously minted step on the pavement in the centre of town, passing the crowd from almost three kilometres! She never refused a joint photo, simultaneously giving interviews and taking pictures on the go. After watching the movie was a big press conference with the actress where she talked about the problems when working on a film about the difficult relationship with the actors and creative plans. But no one paid attention to the fact that in several scenes of the film Gurchenko was driving a sporty Audi and famously dissected it in the center of Moscow.

      Муж Людмилы Гурченко: «Она гениально управляла машиной!» “Lyudmila Markovna luxuriously driving, I sometimes marvel at her skill. In life Lucy may be impulsive, emotional, and behind the wheel she is calm, considered, however, goes straight in the mirror and not looking. Sometimes I make a joke over it: “Look, there on the right and left of the car,” what I hear: “aw, the hell with them, let them go!”, told then Sergey Senin.
      Муж Людмилы Гурченко: «Она гениально управляла машиной!»

      However, according to wife celebrities, the choice of the car Lyudmila Markovna came feminine, that is “red” and “like – dislike”. Was her favorite brand, including “Audi” – in the movie she just was driving the blue and the red Audi A4. Prior to that she had various models of this German brand.

      Apparently, a serious accident at the famous artist was not, and the relationship with the police was good, because when they saw before a star of such magnitude, then immediately forgot everything and asked a cherished autograph and a photo for memory.

      “Even Lucy law 1978 – can you imagine how much she has not changed? When she was stopped and asked to see the documents, the employees fell into a stupor – they had never seen such rights, they themselves become interesting. But it is fundamentally their not changed,” recalls the husband of the actress.

      It is also noteworthy that Gurchenko was able to get behind the wheel of his beloved not only in Moscow but in other cities – several times she and her husband have made journeys across the Black sea, went to the Crimea.