Marilyn Kerro and Hope Shevchenko kept his emotions in “Battle of psychics”

Мэрилин Керро и Надежда Шевченко не сдержали эмоций на «Битве экстрасенсов» The participants of the 17th season are unable to cope with them during the recording of the new release of the software. Psychics are sensitive perceived tragedy that has overtaken 21-year-old girl. They treated her with understanding and tried to help as much as possible in such a situation.

      Мэрилин Керро и Надежда Шевченко не сдержали эмоций на «Битве экстрасенсов»

      Marilyn Kerro and Hope Shevchenko did not anticipate with whom they have to work on the next test. In the “Battle of psychics” asked the mother of a young girl who was tired of fighting with her daughter. Katya Yakovleva suffering from anorexia, but believes that there are no problems and she needs to drop weight further. With the growth of 165 cm girl weighs less than 40 pounds, her physique is deadly. The mother in desperation turned to the people with paranormal abilities to those inspired heiress which path she should choose.

      Participant of “Battle of psychics” Hope Shevchenko: “I actually killed himself”

      The hope of Shevchenko, as well as other psychics had prior acquaintance with Katya to scan the photo in the envelope. The many faces of a witch accurately described her appearance and realized that Yakovlev pains in the head, and then she burst into tears because I could not understand that girl. She didn’t see it either among the living or the world of the dead. Hope felt that the student is “borderline between heaven and earth.” From the strange sensations, the psychic was unable to restrain his emotions, and leading test Vera Sotnikova was forced to sedate her. Seeing Katya, Shevchenko was horrified and confessed to the girl that she looked like a victim of Buchenwald and she need to start eating, otherwise she could die.

      “What you did wrong with this world? Your soul is crying, so I cried. I passed a lot of tests, but I have never experienced. You clever girl, God gave you all natural, and you, forgive me, look like a victim of Buchenwald. Your energy body is not visible,” tried to bring the truth of Shevchenko.
      Мэрилин Керро и Надежда Шевченко не сдержали эмоций на «Битве экстрасенсов»

      For Hope Shevchenko remains unclear why the girl is so torturing yourself, but she ultimately was not able to convey the truth. The girl’s mother Tatiana is desperate to help the heiress, yet I appeared Marilyn Kerro. She was able to understand what is the problem Katie, because she had before. Kerro remembered that for six years sick with anorexia and could not overcome myself. It was the most difficult period in her life until she met her love. She started to convince Kate that she needed a new relationship that will help switch, to stop thinking about your weight.

      “I was saying the same thing. I didn’t know it. I, too, was justified by very much, although he knew that deceiving yourself. I lived for six years. It seemed to me that my bones are too big. And sinewy hands seemed large. Helped me love. I didn’t focus on food,” frankly told Marilyn.

      Unlike Hope Shevchenko, who is absolutely desperate to help Kate and didn’t know what to say to her that she thinks she’s too big, Marilyn Kerro decided to hide nothing from the girls and even called the approximate date of her death, if it would continue. To save her daughter Tatiana, witch asked me to bring to the site the food that they, along with Katya started eating. Obviously, this caused General surprise, because throughout the day, record the character to nothing had been touched. Mary understood what feels a man next to her, so I try not to apply pressure, but only to instruct. Why Marilyn Kerro disliked the “Battle of psychics”