Anfisa Chekhova seriously experienced the loss of a family member

Анфиса Чехова серьезно переживает потерю члена семьи In his microblog star shared with subscribers of the tragedy that happened the other day. Her favorite pet died. The woman told about this horrible event to its subscribers by posting on Instagram a picture of a dog.

      Анфиса Чехова серьезно переживает потерю члена семьи

      On his page in the social network Anfisa Chekhov decided to tell followers what happened in her personal life. Pet named Tiffany died serdechnogo attack. This incident was a real tragedy for the host, because the dog became a full member of the family and was a favorite celebrities. OA said he was aware of the danger that threatened animal, the DNA of which was discovered the “gay gene” which has a detrimental effect on the state of the pet. As a result, the dog could be ill and after some time die.. To joy Anfisa Tiffany has managed to live a little less than ten years. As reported by Chekhov, her dog breed “Chihuahua” experienced cardiac arrest.

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      “This morning was not our beloved Tiffany. Heart attack. Veterinarians initially warned me that the “gay gene” in dogs is a lot of pathologies. For eight years she was with us and lived a happy dog life! She was the most gentle and kind dog I know! Our Mouse, our little girl. Thank you for giving us joy and love!” – wrote in Instagram celebrity.

      The star admitted that Tiffany was well-liked, that is why her family is so hard to accept the fact that their Chihuahua is no longer with them. Members did not remain indifferent and began to Express soboleznovaniya. The majority of followers were sympathetic to what happened to her dog. Many remember how they themselves have lost Pets and as painfully endured their death. There were those who also lived in the family Pets with the “blue gene”, which, in the end, they died.

      “Sorry for your loss! She buried beloved Rottweiler almost a year ago, still tears in my eyes,” “our cat died a year ago of a heart attack. Very hard to You, imagine”, “I too was very worried when my cat after 18 years died and now I have two cats. I give them my love and a dog want to have. Time heals, hang in there,” he shared his feelings with the followers.

      Netizens believe that the death of a pet is always a tragedy for the owner, who treated him with awe. According to them, only dogs can give so much love and bring so much happiness to their owners. They noted that Anfisa was attentive to Tiffany and gave her enough time. Members are convinced that in the near future Chekhova will proose to cope with this loss, and in her house will definitely be a new family member.