Dmitry Shepelev, the son brings in a sense of humor

Дмитрий Шепелев воспитывает в сыне чувство юмора The presenter shared another photo with the heir. Followers pleased by the fact that the star continues to devote his free time to Plato. This time they went to the circus to see the performances.

      In his “Instagrame” Dmitry Shepelev posted a photo with his son, which provoked a strong reaction from users of the Network. Currently subscribers all closely watching the life of a young dad, after a few days his book would come out, dedicated to Jeanne Friske. According to followers, frequent snapshots with Plato indicate that in the family of a celebrity things are going smoothly.

      As he confessed Dmitry in microblogging, he is now experiencing a difficult period, because the book is about the late Jeanne was not easy for him and he cares about how the product will react reader. Anyway, this is not an obstacle for carrying out of joint activities with Plato.

      “In anticipation of the release of my book “Joan” on 24 November, the week has been extremely tense. But Saturday morning is our time with Plato always and without exception,” wrote Dmitry in social networks.

      Netizens thanked the presenter for what he is not afraid to talk about the heir and to show the public how they spend time together. Commentators are convinced that Shepelev copes with this role. Star tries to dilute the weekend with Plato, while making trips abroad, where, apparently, the boy likes.

      Followers again wish the family of Dmitry prosperity. They insist that Joan dreamed that her son had such a childhood. Many Internet users believe that not every parent would have coped with the younger child, if he had the same situation in life and busy schedule.

      “Dima – you are a man with a capital letter, admire!”, “Patience you, Dmitry. All the best to you. God help you”, “Dima, you are a good dad, no doubt!”, “Jeanne always close to your guardian angel!”, – supported Shepelev subscribers in Instagram.

      Some followers believe that Dmitry is doing everything right, and no one can blame him, because unknown, how would you shape a life of Plato, if not for the care of the father. Shepelev often tells the successor about mom, and his entourage said that the son is very similar to Jeanne.