Mariah Carey has rapidly gaining weight and shocking figure

Мэрайя Кери стремительно набрала вес и шокировала фигурой

Popular American singer and actress Mariah Carey, singer of the hit We Belong Together, the last time not happy with a dizzying figure of his fans. Hollywood star fat to ugliness and photoshop can no longer hide the scale of the singer. According to insiders, she weighs about 120 pounds. But I think Mariah is quite happy – she worries about the extra pounds, and wearing, as before, causing the outfits — sexy bodysuit with rhinestones and fishnet tights.

Figure 47-year-old Mariah Carey – the subject of heated discussions online in recent years. Singer likely to be overweight and constantly waging war with excess weight. But now celebrities clearly lost ground in the confrontation. She was very stout, her weight exceeded 100 pounds. It is evident that the singer does not think about training and diet and only eat. Many even suggested that the diva is pregnant. However, there is a problem in insatiable appetite. Mariah Carey seizes challenges and trying to account for the sweet and tasty to drown out problems.
Insiders said that the singer was hard going through a painful breakup with Australian billionaire James Packer. Mariah made him big bets – she wanted to marry him and live off his savings. When the altar was just one step, packer stunned lover and broke off with her. Moreover, James Carey blamed the excessive spending on shopping and gifts for family. Note that it was purchased with a credit card packer. Also, you have compared the buxom beauty Mariah with his ex-girlfriend — supermodel Miranda Kerr. Of course, the comparison was not in favor of the singer. According to the insider, James admired the chiseled figure of Miranda.
After this, any woman became depressed, but went to the gym to get in shape. But not Mariah Carey! She decided to seize the problems and humiliation of sweets. Of course, she’s “plump” the eyes with a flabby belly full of arms and legs. Now she looks that way. The insider notes that previously the diva skillfully used the good old photoshop: it “narrowed” themselves in the photos. Now even this magic no program helps.
Of adds fuel to the fire and ex-husband of Mariah, entertainer Nick cannon. After parting ways with the singer, he became a father again, but Carey, on the testimony of physicians to get pregnant any longer.
Situations worried relatives of a celebrity. They have already agreed with the clinic, which deals with the treatment of weight problems and may soon plump Keri go there.