The widow of the leader Linkin Park first told about her husband’s death

Вдова лидера Linkin Park впервые рассказала о смерти мужа

After a week and a half after the death of a singer of iconic rock band Linkin Park Chester Bennington and his wife, 40-year-old former model Talinda Bennington broke the silence and addressed the fans of his husband’s statement. The choice of the rocker said that he was shocked by the death of a loved one, can’t imagine life without him, and expressed his gratitude to the fans of Chester, which with his warm words in support of it.

The widow of frontman Linkin Park Talinda Bennington for the time after the suicide of Chester Bennington for the first time commented on his act. She shared her innermost feelings. Talinda called the musician his soul mate and second half. She stated that she lost the most important thing in life, and their joint children were left without her beloved dad. It was a shock for the girl. According to the widow, their family life resembled a beautiful fairy tale, which is now destroyed. Lovers, spouses, their children thought that this idyll would last forever. Now it’s a Shakespearean tragedy. The woman doesn’t understand why Chester had committed suicide, because his children are still so young to endure such a huge loss.
Talinda Bennington says that it is difficult to live without our beloved Chester. The only way she sees to collect himself again, to plunge into the education of children and to surround the kids with love.
Also saddened by the wife of Bennigton appealed to the Linkin Park fans and her husband. She said she feels their support and understand how they grieve. Talinda asked everyone to keep eternal memory of Chester, because he was bright and loving person with an angelic voice. In her opinion, Bennigton to continue to live and sing in the hearts of every fan. But he will finally be free, and that’s exactly what he has always sought, but not received.
Talinda turned to the Lord. She asked him to help everyone through the rough times and the pain.
Chester Bennigton married model of Playboy Talinda Anne Bentley at the end of December 2005. The couple raised five children: three birth Talinda two they adopted Besides, rocker had a 15-year-old son from his first marriage.
Recall, 20 July, 41-year-old Chester Bennington has committed suicide by hanging himself in his house. The legendary singer was exactly repeated the suicide of a close friend of Chris Cornell. Next to the gallows Bennington found an unfinished bottle of alcohol, traces of drugs in his blood is not detected. The musician left without a word, leaving a suicide note.