Эвелину Бледанс осудили за выход без белья Actress posted video, which appeared in a jumpsuit with plunging neckline. However, the image of the star, noting that at her age it was improper to go like this. The woman herself has not commented on the situation.

Evelina Bledans never hesitate to show a sexy figure. In the wardrobe is dominated by stars revealing outfits, but her new look has caused a mixed reaction among fans.

The actress posted on Instagram the video, which appeared in a white jumpsuit with a deep neckline. Evelyn stresses that were in a rush and looks not the best way. The woman was in a hurry for dinner in one of the Moscow restaurants, so she didn’t have time to think through a complete image.

“I came out without a handbag, without makeup and with wet hair. I have a feeling that I forgot a conscience,” says the star.

Fans immediately drew attention to the figure of the actress. According to them, Bledans Breasts overly exposed, which spoils the impression of the image. “The outfit is absolutely inappropriate,” “Not very nice, but for her age is acceptable”, “in Vain you forgot about underwear,” commented on a video subscribers star.

However, there were also those who defended the actress. In their view, Evelyn looks great. Fans noted that to maintain such a figure in 48 years after the birth of two children can not every woman.

The star itself, it seems, did not bother her forthright way, she paces confidently through the busy Moscow streets, enjoying all the attention. Bledans admitted that she has long been accustomed to criticism in the address. Actress confuse only those comments that relate to her son the Seeds.

Evelina recently posted an angry post in which he told how to react to the attacks against their child.

“In this world is evil, and sometimes it is very painful stings even me, a person with immunity to the opinions of others. I till the last breath will Oprah for her son in everything, and will speak to him in his language whatever this language was. I will adapt, they will grow old, wither not and will not lose energy,” – says Bledans.

We will remind, the heir of the actress was born with down syndrome. Star parents try to do everything that Simon is developing normally, received the necessary medical assistance. Evelyn never tires of talking about the success of baby, inspiring subscribers maternal experience.