Мэрайя Кэри заливает любовную тоску алкоголем

Thus the singer is experiencing due to the pending wedding.

All mixed up in the life of Mariah Carey. Ex-husbands, future… Singer still not able to complete the divorce proceedings with ex-husband, TV presenter Nick cannon, which broke up back in August of last year. Because of this Cary is not can become the new wife of the Australian millionaire James packer’s wedding which was scheduled for June of this year. Rumor has it that forced a hitch so oppressed Mariah, the singer began to drink.

May 30 paparazzi took a video of Cary after dinner with friends in one of Los Angeles restaurants, hardly standing on his feet, trying to stumble to his car. Bodyguards supported their mistress as they could!

And this is not the first case – a claim the Western media. Relatives of the singer are already trumpeting the alarm. According to them, the last time Mariah are increasingly found at parties with a glass in hand. They believe that the situation is out of control…

“Mariah still, what do you think her fiance and children. She’s absolutely sure she can stop at any time, but in fact her desire to have a few cocktails in the company of friends becomes addictive,” admitted an insider in a recent interview with American magazine In Touch.

Aggravate the situation more and constant quarrels between Cary and Packer. Say, a businessman dreams of a future wife bore him a child, and Mariah no longer wants to have children, the singer enough of her two children-twins. Where all this will lead and whether Cary to overcome her problems, is unknown.

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