Maria Shumakova told how cool changed her life

Мария Шумакова рассказала, как круто изменилась ее жизнь
The actress explained why puts herself bans.

Maria Shumakova

Photo: facebook

Maria Shumakova, which regularly updates its
microblogging, explained to fans where she suddenly disappeared from the Network.

“More than a week I didn’t go to Instagram, rarely
answered telephone calls and messages, and generally had contact with the outside world
very calmly, — said the actress. — New year’s day I spent in
meditation (I love to note chimes alone), then the noisy
party with friends without alcohol on my part (it is extremely entertaining to watch
sober for all events), and then lots and lots of sleep. In
my case, it is the best medicine of all. Sleep restores fine
nervous system, for example. Tried to eat very moderately, but in recent
a few days in the course went nuts, the Belarusian national cuisine and other
weakness. Tomorrow I will tell you about your training and normal

Representatives of the HLC-motion applauding Mache standing.
Shumakova does their body and health very well, consciously, and always
willingly shares with his fans observations and achievements.

For example, recently the star of the series “Sweet life” a whole
a week starving. But not just so, and wisely. The actress underwent a course of purification in
Altai specialized clinic. Through practicing yoga, procedures and
special herbal teas, Mary managed to lose a whopping 7 pounds in
week. Shumakova was pleased with both the result and the process.

“Answer the most popular question: how I
lost? 7 pounds. I came with a good black, immediately after the Roman
holidays, so the result I am satisfied. And, again, pounds is only
a nice bonus — the main cleansing. Many have asked about contraindications. Their
not so much: pregnancy, cancer (when in remission), heart,
renal, hepatic insufficiency, liver cirrhosis, diabetes of the first group. All
the rest can starve!” — said Shumakov, but said that to do it
it is necessary only under the supervision of experts.