Назван лучший драматический фильм по версии «Золотого глобуса»
In Los Angeles 75 times awarded the winners of the prestigious award.

The award is traditionally awarded by the Association of foreign
journalists accredited in Hollywood. Surprisingly, their opinion of Americans
for many decades, placed above the views of its critics:
Globus is the second major film awards in the United States after
The “Oscar”. Unlike the Oscars, the movies there are divided by genres
(separately awarded the prize for Comedy, and especially for drama). And additionally award
television projects.

Best dramatic film at the “Golden
globe”-2018 has been called “Three of the Billboard on the border of Ebbing,
Mo” — a film by Briton Martin McDonagh, and many dearly beloved for
“Lie low in Bruges”. This time McDonagh talks about
the woman was killed, a daughter; seven months later, the investigation to anything
and does not, and the poor sets at the entrance to the town where
a crime has occurred, billboards appeal to local authorities. Which leads to
unpredictable results. The McDormand, best known for
the title role in “Fargo” was named best dramatic actress;
she has all the chances to get in March is already the second “Oscar”. Gary
Oldman named best actor for his role of Winston Churchill in the drama “Dark
times” is also an Oscar favorite, according to kp.ru.

In the category of “Best Comedy” best actress
was named saoirse Ronan, and best film — “Lady bird”. Ronan
is there a high school student from the province who dreams about new York. Best actor
in a Comedy was named James Franco for “Mountain of the Creator” (the film about one
of the worst Directors of the last decades Tommy Viso that Franco himself and

Best actor in a supporting role (in this category
there is no division of drama and Comedy) – Sam Rockwell for “Three billboards”.
Best actress in a supporting role – Allison Janney for the role of the mother scandalous
skater Tony Harding in sports tragicomedy, “Tony against all”.
Best Director – Guillermo del Toro for a fantastic drama about the man-amphibian
“Form of water”.