Konstantin Kryukov Alina and celebrated an important date

Константин и Алина Крюковы отпраздновали важную дату
The actor and his lovely wife have calculated that they are together 9 years.

And Konstantin Kryukov Alina

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One of the most beautiful star couples celebrating an important date:
And Konstantin Kryukov Alina said that yesterday celebrated not only Christmas.
7 January marks 9 years from the day they are together. Kostya and Alina got married
in 2013. Their Union, the young
people bonded not only by a stamp in the passport, but in heaven, in paincauses
the Church of the Sretensky monastery in Moscow.

The history of the relationship between Konstantin and Alina like a fairy tale.

“When we saw for the first time, it was a working meeting
says hooks. — On the roof of the Ritz-Carlton in Moscow. Since this
the rooftop is a special place, from an emotional point of view. From time to time
we are going back to celebrate some holiday, then we meet New
year, we celebrate the Day of Victory.”

“At that time Kostya was looking for a agent, and I, resigned,
we considered various options for further work, — says Alina. — Our
mutual friends arranged this meeting.”

A year and a half relationship of the future spouses was exclusively
business character. Constantine was married, Alina also had a life. Out
work, they hardly talked.

“At the time of the first acquaintance with Constantine, I had no idea,
they have a reputation of a womanizer — says Alina. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I
do not know who you are going to meet. For the time that we worked, I saw
The coast from different angles and I can tell you that this is the only way.”