Мария Шумакова раскрыла секрет идеального лица
Actress said, what is the procedure helps the skin to glow.

Maria Shumakova

Photo: Facebook

Maria Shumakova, the appearance of which in the last
time often is not just a delight, and a genuine admiration of colleagues and fans,
told about what the procedure allows it to Shine — not only outside, but also
from the inside out.

“Yesterday I mused with friends about how we
elegantly aging! — says the actress. You know, there’s such a wonderful type
women who do not shun any of your own age, not modern technology!
Thank you dear ancestors: I have a wonderful heredity. At 18, I looked
older, but closer to 30 time, against all laws starts to recede. Again
well, judging from album photos of my lovely grandmothers! After 50, all women
my family looked more than fresh.

But as they say, the Universe hope, and itself not
make a mistake! In addition to the permanent programmes (mask, oil, massage of the face, sufficient
the amount of water and a healthy diet), once a year I do a course of treatments
biorevitalisation. The day of the procedure can be safely cancel my day and stay
alone with the beloved series, as the reflection in the mirror will remind more
Shrek than the Princess. But the next 8 months, the skin will certainly talk
thank you. The effects of winter winds and bad environment, together with fine wrinkles
after a course of treatments (usually 3 or 4) forgotten as a bad dream. Leather
really begins to Shine and evens the complexion”.

In a recent interview 7days.ru Maria
admitted that he sees in them nothing bad.

“And in
plastic surgery too, if there is good evidence (I, no),
— said Shumakov. — The main thing, than indulge the skin, is bottled
water for washing. I travel a lot around the world and know the water is different everywhere,
which is not good for the skin. I have accustomed myself to the same composition
water bottle that I carry with me. Maybe I will say this, but
nothing fairer in the world invented: your body must love, health
take care, and beauty will not keep you waiting.”