Мария Ивакова рассказала о своей зависимости
Host of “Friday Morning” every day expose their bodies to the test.

Photo: Instagram.com

to gain a perfect shape, Maria Ivanova something just did not feel myself! It opens
effective beauty innovations (“I am forever in love with black soap
cleansing, to use which I tried in Japan”),
experimenting with superfudge (“These products with a maximum concentration of useful
substances are well absorbed by my body. Like Goji berries, Chia seeds. And avocado every day to eat the thing raw is very good for the skin”).

But that’s not all. TV presenter admits: “I hated sports!
Looked at his Director, who at six in the morning ran another 10 km and shake a finger at
temple. Now rush into the hall and advise you”.

Running, yoga, interval training —
all this Maria is not enough. More recently she has engaged and TRX training. “It exercises on the General resistance of the body, using your own
weight, when you hung on the belts, very interesting, she said. — I’ve got a great company, which I do. After training we
all together we go to Breakfast. Sport is my addiction, something that brings a huge

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