Katy Perry almost missed the ball because of his angelic wings

Кэти Перри едва не пропустила бал из-за своих ангельских крыльев
The singer was pretty nervous because of the incident.

Katy Perry


Katy Perry could this year not to attend the event for which she waited. Her suit, prepared for the event, proved to be too cumbersome, and transporting it to auto — failure.

it began with the fact that Katie appeared a grandiose plan. On the occasion of the ball,
conducted by the Institute of costume held this year under the motto “Heavenly
creation: fashion and fantasies of Catholicism”, she decided to don the costume of an angel. Selected
33-year-old singer in a gold dress by Versace and the same color boots-boots above the knee
her particular concerns are not delivered. But the main attribute her attire was supposed to be
huge — a two-meter tall wings. Because of these wings that it was impossible to fit in normal
the car, Katie was chosen as the means of its transportation
the new York Metropolitan Museum of Art — open vintage cars. And
even in that car she had to ride standing up.

this collectible car 30-ies of the last century and it failed. Although the owner
machine swore that his property in
perfect order, about halfway the engine “sneezed” and stalled… the Driver tried
had to “revive” the engine, but nothing worked. Katie
panicked: after all, before the time the ball was quite a bit. And both
alternative option – how to get to Metropolitan Museum seemed
equally unacceptable. In fact, it couldn’t have to go with your wings
the city on foot? And time to find and call another car need
construction also was not…

fortunately, the driver managed to cope with the “stubborn”
engine again and it started up. As a result, Kathy, who this year resumed his affair with Orlando bloom, even almost
late. And when she posed in her angelic outfit for photographers
the singer admitted that she really feels, as she said, “angel, ethereal and almost
bodiless creation”.