Мария Шумакова изменилась до неузнаваемости
The star of “the Sweet life” won’t recognize the fans.

Photo: Instagram

Actress and singer Maria Shumakova once again surprised their fans. She has published in his personal blog a photo of herself in a new image. 29-year-old star was so transformed that not all of the first glance recognized her.

In the transformation of Mary “blamed” several factors. First, of course, her phenomenal weight loss. In November, the actress spent a week in the clinic in the Altai, where the practice of fasting. It’s called “the course of purification.” Through practicing yoga, treatments and special herbal teas, Mary managed to lose a whopping 7 pounds in a week. Shumakova was pleased with both the result and the process.

“I came with a nice plus, right after Roman holiday, so I’m happy with the result. And, again, pounds is just a nice bonus — the main cleansing. Many have asked about contraindications. Not so much: pregnancy, cancer (where remission is possible), cardiac, renal, liver failure, liver cirrhosis, diabetes of the first group. All the rest to starve!” — said Shumakov, but said that this should be done only under the supervision of experts.

By the way, to go back even to normal healthy diet after this program should be gradual. So the process of losing weight comes after the “of course”. In the end, Maria had lost several pounds and, apparently, this is not the limit!

A second factor in her transformation was the unusual makeup. Usually Maria tries to look as natural as possible. She mainly focuses on the lips with a bright lipstick. But this evening Shumakova decided to experiment: she “painted” smoky eyes, that is the maximum allocated black eyes, and lips struck a neutral lipstick.

All together it gave a real wow effect. However, this way not everyone liked. Many members expressed the view that the actress looks “very usually”. They say, losing weight, Mary lost individuality and became, like everything in show business.