Julia Savicheva told how to lose weight after childbirth

Юлия Савичева рассказала, как худеет после родов
The singer answered questions from fans.

Photo: Instagram

Four months ago, Rudy first became a mother. This happy event occurred in Portugal, where the singer lived for a year before giving birth. Moscow star along with her husband and newborn daughter back when she was a month old. Almost immediately Savicheva came back to work, which I really missed you. She was previously an infrequent visitor to all sorts of social events, but now hardly appears in them. However, the singer made an exception for the sake of Emin Agalarov and came to congratulate him on his birthday.

Fans were able to see what looks Savicheva just fine! In this regard, the singer began to question in social networks how she managed not to gain any extra pounds and look as “flowering”.

“To be honest, I have a simple rule — eat less and eat balanced! — says Julia. — First of all — the rejection of all sweet and starchy foods. For me it is especially hard because I really love baking and often bake myself. Found out spoiling them, and she kept! My main diet is chicken, fish, eggs, meat without sauces, oils and butter. Vegetables can be in any form, except potatoes and beets. Side dish — buckwheat, rice, bulgur, oats. Eat any fruit except bananas, persimmons and grapes. From dairy products allow all — there is a real feast of the abdomen can be arrange! However, of those foods where the fat content not exceeding 1,5%. Nuts and dried fruit eaten not more than once a week. And the main point is to drink lots of water! This is the Foundation of good nutrition. Definitely need to go to the gym, pool, dancing or just a lot of walking. Movement — life!”

Savicheva also promised a little later, perhaps after the holidays, tell us about your workouts in the gym and at home.