Невеста принца Гарри отвергла Джеймса Бонда ради своей любви
Meghan Markle didn’t want to meet with the agent 007.

Невеста принца Гарри отвергла Джеймса Бонда ради своей любви

Meghan Markle


Meghan Markle, who recently became the official bride of Prince Harry
without hesitation, refused the brilliant career prospects, to be able
to devote himself fully to the beloved.

As it turned out, last year
36-year-old Megan received a very tempting offer to play the role of another
girls of 007 in the new, 25-th edition of the movie James bond. But shortly before
this in her life happened the fateful event, she met Prince
Harry, and both learned early on that their quickly developing relationship
much more serious than the usual flirtation. So she hesitated with
the answer, and then answered with a decisive refusal.

However soon, when it became known about her relationship with the Prince,
the producers of the franchise have understood that for Megan to count the cost. But
she was in their “short list” candidates for this role. Markle met all
the requirements that they presented to the candidates: her can was
called a rising star — thanks to the popularity of the series “Force majeure”,
fact, she was quite glamorous and sexy. In addition to his new
movie the producers wanted actress for the role of bond girl was American or
canadian, which is also consistent with the biography of Megan, born in California
worked for many years in Canada. So Markle missed the opportunity
to join the “Legion of honor” girls of 007 are
bright Actresses like Ursula Andress, Jane Seymour, Halle berry, Eva green, Monica Bellucci…

However, Megan did not regret on the decision made. No more
regret makes her and the fact that for Harry’s sake she refused to further act
praise her in the series. And when the actress asked me if she was given it
the decision, she replied: “I don’t see it as a sacrifice, as a waiver of
profession. I just think that in my life there has come time of changes!”

Among other things, the changes are already in full swing: this year, Markle was
honored to be invited to spend Christmas in Sandringham, and it made
an excellent impression on all the family of Elizabeth.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry