Maria Shukshina returns to the First channel with a new show

Мария Шукшина возвращается на Первый канал с новым шоу The actress has declassified the name of a television premiere. Maria Shukshina revealed details of cooperation in Instagram. She thanked the fans for their support and called the approximate release dates of the show on the air.

Maria Shukshina tries to actively maintain social networks. She happily interacts with fans, talks about future plans and career achievements. However, the participation in the new project of the First channel, the actress was hiding for quite a long time. It only hinted at a possible return to the airwaves as a TV presenter.

Now, Maria has decided to not only confirm participation in the new program, but was told a little about the upcoming premiere. According to star, she kept the plans secret because they have not been officially confirmed.

“A month ago, I said that one podyschite had a dream like I am leading a program on TV. The next morning I learned that, indeed, the decision on the issue on the First transmission channel with my participation. The details are not wrote, because I wanted to be sure everything is so vague in our world. Soon, all the same fan saw another dream, which will premiere project with my participation, and in his name two words. Of course, I jumped because it knew the working title of “Recipes of Happiness”. It remains to wait a little longer, the premiere in January,” said Shukshin.

This news pleased fans of the actress. “What a joy! With the return to the native land”, “Maria, I congratulate you. Sure the show gets interesting and worthy”, “good Luck in his new endeavors and great success,” – shared his impressions of the subscribers Shukshina.

Maria thanked fans for their support and promised that the television premiere will not disappoint them. Apparently, the actress is happy to be back in command of the First channel, thanks to many years of work in the program “Wait for me” she gained national popularity.

By the way, now Shukshin incredibly popular in the profession. The actress recently finished shooting in the English series, where she played a major role. The star was told that the work on the project come easily, and provided an opportunity to meet with many Western stars..

Fans are sure that with creativity, the actress is trying to distract from problems in the family. Recall that a few months ago son Shukshina was accused of possession of a controlled substance and beating concubine. Star family refused to comment on the incident, but one day Maria still expressed his opinion about current events.

“I’m in shock from it all. But now there is a check in the police. Once the results are known I will call. Prior to the announcement of the results, it is all speculation (to put it mildly)”, – has told then the actress.

Now she prefers to share creative plans, and thus ignores the personal issues. However, fans believe that Maria supports the son and helps him to cope with the problems.