Fans pray for the health of the winner of “Eurovision-2017”

Поклонники молятся за здоровье победителя «Евровидения-2017» After three months in intensive care Portuguese singer Salvador Sobral, which took first place at the contest “Eurovision” in Kiev, 2017, finally had the surgery. Now you have a new heart.

As reported by cardiologists clinic of Santa Cruz in Lisbon, the heart transplant, the singer of El Salvador Gathered was successful and now it feels good. According to Dr. Miguel Abecasis, the young man is very well prepared and perfectly understood all the difficulties of the upcoming procedure.

The worst is behind us, but the doctors added that El Salvador has a long and complex rehabilitation. But under favorable circumstances the singer and the musician will be able to lead a full life.

“A speedy recovery! We need musicians like you. We have been waiting for!” – written by fans on the official page of El Salvador Gathered.

The winner of the contest “Eurovision-2017” 27. El Salvador suffered from a heart defect, and last year Gathered stood in line for a heart transplant. Then the doctors told the musician that getting healthy vital organ from a young man only a year. Otherwise, he could lose his life. The deadline expired last August. But even then, family and fans are not discouraged, hoped and prayed.

The winner of “Eurovision” Salvador Gathered was in intensive care

After winning the European song contest Salvador Gathered became a national hero, because for the first time Portugal won the first place at Eurovision. But due to health problems in August of this year, El Salvador was forced temporarily to cease to perform on stage.

“For anybody not a secret that my condition is very fragile. I have a problem. Unfortunately, it was time to give my body to science, and to suspend the concert and musical activities,” explained the Portuguese.

Now, when El Salvador’s new heart, his fans hope that the singer will return to the stage.