“Mr. Synthol” Cyril Tereshin has removed huge biceps

«Мистер Синтол» Кирилл Терешин удалил огромные бицепсы The young man admitted that has lost the characteristics that made him famous. Cyril Tereshin did not explain the reasons for the incident, but many fans questioned the veracity of his words. In their opinion, the guy is just trying to attract attention.
«Мистер Синтол» Кирилл Терешин удалил огромные бицепсы

Cyril Tereshin has become famous all over the country after participated in the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live”. Aiming to become the owner of the biggest biceps in the country, the young man was using a dangerous substance for inflating of muscles.

With the help of their famous muscle Kirill has not only met with complexes about excessive thinness, but also well earned. The young man did not hesitate to confess, that gets decent money for advertising.

However, the health, apparently, were more important than popularity. That is why Tereshin decided to remove the huge biceps. He said this with a post in social networks.

“Khan bazookas, removed along with “Instagram” – said Kirill.
«Мистер Синтол» Кирилл Терешин удалил огромные бицепсы

Many fans were happy for Tereshina, but there were also those who did not believe in the truth of his words. “It is unlikely he will remove them on their own, if only for medical reasons”, “Do bazookas are no more? Now Cyril has lost her identity”, “Common sense prevailed. I hope your health was not severely damaged,” – commented news subscribers the young man.

Later it turned out that Tereshin did not remove “Instagram”. There he continues to post photos and videos, which noticeable his huge biceps. Quite possibly, the hero of the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” just wanted to attract attention.

The air show Cyril admitted that to achieve such a result it took not only strength, but also not small money.

“To get hands like me need to pump at least six liters of synthol. And it is about two hundred thousand rubles. Substance in pure form is expensive, so you have to use a diverse mixture of supplements,” said Cyril, communicating with Andrey Malakhov.

Also Tereshin admitted that synthol can be dangerous to health, but it does not stop. After returning from the army he decided to get rid of complexes about thinness. With huge biceps guy feels comfortable. Besides, it clearly pleases the fallen popularity.

Many followers of Cyril condemned for the pursuit of glory in spite of their health. However, there are those who support the young man, because he is willing to make any sacrifice to achieve his unusual dreams.