Maria Sharapova suffered idleness

Мария Шарапова мучилась от безделья She admitted that after the disqualification rested a lot and focused on business development. In addition, the celebrity has decided to share with the public their memories. Autumn tennis player will present his autobiographical book.

      29-year-old tennis player Maria Sharapova was in Moscow. The athlete attended the presentation school of aerial gymnastics in Gorky Park, and then went to the Studio of the program “Evening Urgant”. In an interview with famous TV girl talked about their plans for the future and also about what she did after the disqualification.

      Maria Sharapova’s triumphant comeback

      According to Sharapova, she never had so much free time. In connection with this, Maria decided to enroll in a famous University, and was also thinking about how to write a memoir.

      “I studied at the business school of Harvard, in short to plan. Now release the candy in Russia. I very well know how to relax. I never knew what to do with the same amount of time. I had 12 months to sit, think, read, write something. In September I released an autobiography, first in English and then translated into Russian. I also traveled a lot. I first visited Croatia on vacation. I really liked it, it’s warm. By the way, I first visited London as a tourist, and they usually come to Wimbledon in three weeks and nothing but courts do not see” – said the tennis player.

      The athlete admitted that the capital of the UK it is not very impressed. Much more vivid emotions Sharapova caused a trip in the New year’s eve. Mary celebrated this holiday in Hawaii. Interestingly, when the sports star was flying there by plane, one of the passengers left her a letter.

      “Didn’t mean to bother you but wanted to let you know that you are one of the best in tennis history, but also an incredible businessman. You should be very proud of their achievements. Your friend, the passenger,” – said in a note passed to Mary.

      The celebrity also said that he loves Russian cuisine. Sharapova is sometimes allows himself to relax and “lean” on the favorite high-calorie dishes. “I ordered borscht and dumplings, and a salad and all she ate. It felt so good. I’m so rarely at home. On Orthodox Christmas day my mother was cooking different salads. I at least know how to do but in tennis play,” said the athlete.

      By the way, recently Maria Sharapova began producing premium chocolate. Sweets brand athletes have already appeared on sale in Russia. In recognition of Mary, it was her childhood dream.