Anna Kalashnikov shared risqué pictures after breast surgery

Анна Калашникова поделилась пикантными снимками после пластики груди The model is undergoing rehabilitation. Before she was allowed to leave the clinic, but recommended to protect yourself and to stop any physical activity. Anna can’t wait to show the new bust, however, she is forced to wear a bandage.

      Анна Калашникова поделилась пикантными снимками после пластики груди

      A few days ago Anna Kalashnikov had surgery for breast enlargement. A young woman has decided on breast surgery, because they believed that after birth her bust has lost its former elasticity. Consultation with a specialist, the model chose a fourth the size of the implants and began to prepare for surgery.

      Posde procedures to increase breast Anna shared with the followers their impressions. According to the singer, she is contraindicated in any physical activity.

      “Two weeks while I will be in a state vegetable, not raise hands, never to wash itself, to move sharply, not to sing too! So we are still working on the music and the words,” – said Kalashnikov.
      Анна Калашникова поделилась пикантными снимками после пластики груди

      At the disposal of “StarHit” was exclusive footage from the chamber taken during ligation. Anna is forced to wear a bandage over the bandage in order not to injure the chest while it heals.

      Kalashnikov thanked the doctors of the Moscow clinic, which made her bust dreams. A young woman waiting to be able to emphasize the changed shape dress with a deep neckline.

      “Quite a complicated operation moved well and really looking forward to the final result. So, dear girls, it’s not scary. The main thing is to find a good specialist who you can trust your health and life,” said Anna.

      Анна Калашникова поделилась пикантными снимками после пластики груди

      According to singer, a gorgeous bust of the fifth size will increase its chances of success in your personal life. Girl wants to meet a man on whom you can rely in all.

      “For me it is important that the man was older than me. I need a responsible man who loves children, will be able to take my son and want more kids. I still dream of at least two – a boy and a girl,” admitted Kalashnikov.

      In the next month a young woman will not be easy to babysit the son of Danae, as she cannot raise the hands. However, after returning home, the first thing Anna hugged the heir. On the advice of a plastic surgeon, she will have to do without selfie, as the pictures on phone also cause muscle tension, which had not yet healed.