Nyusha openly talked about the groom

Нюша откровенно рассказала о женихе The singer is preparing to marry. For a long time, the actress had said nothing about his lover, because she was afraid of close attention to personal life from the public. However, after it became known that she has already received an offer of marriage from Igor Sivova, the girl broke the silence and for the first time shared details of the novel.

      Popular singer Nyusha was hiding her lover Igor Sivova from the prying eyes of a few months. The man is much older than the artist, and occupies the post of General adviser to the President of the International University sports Federation FISU. As the star admits she felt next to her the man she’s been looking for.

      “When we’re just talking, it seemed to me that I know him all my life…” – says Nyusha.

      According to the singer, Igor in all its supports and helps to implement new goals. According to the actress, her emotions and feelings she tried to convey to the new song “love You”, which turned out very Frank.

      After Jane finished working on a video for this song, she had a planned vacation. The singer didn’t even know where to rest.

      Fans Nyusha discuss her engagement in Africa

      “It was also a surprise. And already on arrival in Kenya my man proposed to me. It was unforgettable!” – says the artist.

      Many fans of the star were surprised when she showed them her engagement ring and announced she’s getting married, because they thought that her heart freely. The singer claims he’s never felt like this, like Igor, so I try not to share intimate details of the novel in social networks.

      “Happiness loves silence. Still, it’s my personal life, and I see no need to make it a public discussion, wish she was protected…I Believe that better safe than sorry,” said Jane in an interview with “OK!”.

      The girl claims that her family are well taken, Igor. The artist felt that now she has support and a strong male shoulder on which you can rely. However, sharing of vacation photos with her boyfriend in the microblogging Nyusha has not appeared. According to star, she was very much in Kenya, as one could not only enjoy the beach but also to explore the local culture.