Мария Порошина показала заметно подросшую младшую дочку
Family actress spends holiday in Italy.

Daughter Maria Poroshina — Glafira

Photo: @Instagram poroshinamariyamikhaylovna Maria Poroshina

Maria Poroshina two weeks enjoying the holidays in Italy. In order to avoid undesired consequences, the actress doesn’t want to reveal the place where he lived for a time with family. Despite this, it is from time to time to share with friends, photos from your vacation.

One of them was captured, the youngest daughter Poroshina — Glafira. Girl, born two years ago, is an experienced traveler. Last year Maria took the baby with him on the Black sea, and this actress gave glaphyra Italian vacation.

Maria is very reluctant to tells fans about the glaphyra and publish a minimum of pictures of a younger daughter. Perhaps it’s acute shortage of time? Poroshina told me that with the birth of their fourth child she does not remain free time. But despite this, she is ready to become a mother and for the fifth time.

“No wonder the word “family” means the seven “I am” seven people: the parents and five children. I want children and always happy to give birth to another. But her husband to this issue more rationally. He understands what a responsibility, and he was tired of the hassle. It is clear that Ilya does not prepare and does the vacuuming in this family there’s me, grandmother, two nannies. But it run’s daughters mugs and other household things” — shared with Mary 7days.ru.