У дочки Тимати случилась истерика в ресторане
The mother of the rapper knows the reason for uncontrolled behavior of Alice.

Timothy, with daughter Alice

Photo: @Instagram Timati timatiofficial

As you know, from birth, upbringing of a daughter of Timothy Is Alice’s is mainly engaged in the mother of the rapper. Simon Yakovlevna is an exemplary modern grandma: not only develops a four-year granddaughter, but also has a blog with tips for moms. She recently admitted that she sometimes tantrums…

The Timothy’s mom insists that the mood swings girls are weather-related. In other words Alice is sensitive to the weather. “You know what they say, so as she is suffering from this life. In infancy it is possible to confuse feeling bad with colic at a later age with the vagaries and crises,” says Simon Yakovlevna. During the four years of education grandmother had learned to cope with the peculiarities of the development of Alice. On their way she told the Network users, for example, the recent hysteria granddaughter at the restaurant.

“Alice the second day in a row from scratch start a tantrum. I was trying to figure out the cause, blamed on fatigue. Then it hit me — the Eclipse. writes Timothy’s mom. — Baby can’t explain what was happening to her and expresses the malaise of hysteria! So she gets my attention and asks for help! Imagine if I start yelling at her because I feel ashamed in front of others… Alice cries, he screams… I take a few deep breaths, then say, very calmly and quietly, she screams! I continue to chant more quietly, oblivious to her cries. In the end, the child begins to listen. The next wave: Alice, sobbing, choking, and warns that now she’ll throw up. I say that’s okay, the waiter will be removed (in the restaurant). Apparently she was expecting a different reaction and choke becomes interesting… In a moment of confusion, I start to stroke and press against itself, the body gradually relaxes, and after 5 minutes the baby will play!”