Larisa Golubkina admitted, why not divorce with Andrei Mironov

Лариса Голубкина призналась, почему не развелась с Андреем Мироновым The legend of Russian movie Andrey Mironov and actress Larisa Golubkina lived together for 10 years, until his death. Now the widow confesses that their life together was difficult, and the risk of divorce is constant.
Лариса Голубкина призналась, почему не развелась с Андреем Мироновым

Larisa Golubkina became the second wife of Andrei Mironov. At the time of their wedding entertainer recently separated Catherine Hail, moved in with his mother, and after just two months in the parental home, to the surprise of many friends became interested in the actress of theatre of the Russian Army. Because of his authoritative mother – Maria Vladimirovna Mironova were friends with Larisa Golubkina, the enthusiasm was quickly approved.

But even marriage did not change their way of life Mironov – he still loved parties and beautiful women, but in the face of Golubkina found the long-awaited rear. Andrey, being a father of three, Maria Mironova, and adopted the little heiress Larissa Ivanovna to become her full dad.

Now the widow of the artist often says that actually live with Mironov was not easy, and their marriage was constantly under threat of divorce.

“With Andrew, of course, life was not easy. Had to constantly adjust and in relationships, and in everyday terms. Andrew was an amazing person, sweet, nice, but could buck. And here the most important thing was to climb into the bottle. We worked in different theatres. If we went together to the concert, we were in different offices. If we were constantly together, I’d probably divorce me,” – said Larissa.
Лариса Голубкина призналась, почему не развелась с Андреем Мироновым

However, soon began to say that Mironov began to change his wife. Women with whom the actor allegedly had Affairs, suspected that Golubkina knew about it, but wisely remained silent.

In 1987, the actor died, he was only 46 years old. During his short but very bright life, the artist has done a lot to pull in more than 40 films, more than 25 years to serve in the theater of Satire, to marry twice and to take an active part in raising two daughters – the native and the adoptive. Despite the fact that Mironov was not a exemplary husband and father, his two daughters, Maria Golubkina, Mariya Mironova remember my father with warmth and love. Gradually, they both forgot their childhood hurts and forgiven of his brilliant father.

Maria Mironova, a native daughter of the actor, named his only son after his grandfather. Andrey Udalov 2015 is in the Vakhtangov theatre and has already starred in six movies.

Larissa with great respect for the memory of her husband, and his Affairs has not commented so far. She believes that husband and wife should give each other some freedom. “It is very important that the husband and wife in the relationship was the air. Do not push and do not bother each other, have different interests”, – quotes actress the newspaper Sobesednik.