Maria Poroshina insists on his daughter’s wedding Kutsenko

Мария Порошина настаивает на свадьбе дочери Куценко The actress wants to send the girl away. Daughter of Maria Poroshina and Gosha Kutsenko Pauline several years meets and lives together with her partner Ian. A young man like all the relatives and parents worry for her future.
Мария Порошина настаивает на свадьбе дочери Куценко

Daughter of Maria Poroshina and Gosha Kutsenko 22-year-old Polina this year he graduated from the theatre Institute. However, by adulthood, the girl began to get used to four years ago when he moved into a separate apartment. Now she has a young man she loves. However, while the man is in no hurry to make an offer hands and hearts beloved, though Maria already has plans to walk at his daughter’s wedding. Daughter Kutsenko and Poroshina introduced them to her boyfriend

“Mom six years trying me to get married. Keeps saying “your wedding”, “before marriage”, “really married unbearable”… And so on. And as soon as it appeared on the horizon, Jan – all, she once had a plan for me to sell with it,” admitted Pauline.
Мария Порошина настаивает на свадьбе дочери Куценко

Maria is pleased that the darling daughter was her colleague: young people – the Director and the artist. According to her, creative people are much easier to understand each other and to avoid scandal because of the specifics. Poroshina approve of the choice of girls and believes that the 22 year – Mature enough age to start a family. In her confession, she would be more worried if her daughter was rushing from one fan to another. Moreover, Ian is a serious man, five years older sweetheart.

“We’re really talking about the wedding – say, here, soon. But I want it to be special for me was unexpected, and luxury, so it’s better for me to wait and he will get…” – said Kutsenko.

At Maria didn’t have a big wedding – with Gosha Kutsenko, they do not register the relations, and spent money, cooked on the occasion, while traveling. Then Poroshina was already pregnant with my daughter. The second spouse actress signed after 10 years of marriage.

Now Pauline is also concerned with her career. She admitted in an interview with the magazine “7 days” after graduation, it is not so many job offers. It is therefore Ian decided on their own production. Despite the fact that Mary was trying to share my experience of homemaking and family life, Pauline upset that not all were able to learn from mom.

“A man and a woman should not only love and adore each other, but also to be friends. It’s all my mother instilled in. But to cook borsch is not taught. She felt sorry for me, saying that I was young for this, still have time at the stove to steep,” admitted Kutsenko.

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