Alexander Semchev has admitted why she left two children

Александр Семчев признался, почему бросил двух детей The actor admits that he regrets about the deeds of his youth. Alexander Semchev for the first time in many years, met with the 26-year-old Paul, which he had previously refused to recognize. According to the man, the child born too early, at a time when the actor was not ready to create a family.
Александр Семчев признался, почему бросил двух детей

Charismatic actor Aleksandr Semchev accustomed to the attention of fans. Having a picturesque appearance, he always takes the vivid, memorable roles. The artist is often on tour and happy to discuss creative plans. But personal life he does not like to talk.

The fact that Alexander had made many mistakes. In this he once again admitted to the program “actually”, which guest was the first son Semchev Paul. The actor has never supported the heir of the financial. Moreover, in 2014, he refused to talk with the boys during the filming of issue “Let them talk”.

“I have no to this guy’s hatred, and his mother, such feelings are out there. Just when I was 20, I thought about a career, just got back from the army. What children? I asked her to have an abortion, but Pavel’s mother decided to keep him alive. I don’t feel love, tender feelings. What kind of love are we talking about, if we’ve never actually met? I first experienced paternal love only in the moment when I was born the third son of” – frankly admitted the Semchev.
Александр Семчев признался, почему бросил двух детей

Man admits that Paul tried several times to get in touch with him, but the actor has not tried to communicate with the young man. Moreover, he forbade the middle son of Cyril to make contact with his brother.

As it turned out, the second child, the situation repeated itself. Cyril Semchev was also not brought up, though, and saw the heir more often.

“When Cyril was born, loomed on the horizon of Moscow. I had to move on, and so the family was out of the question. However with Cyril I had a relationship that came to him to school, watched his life,” frankly said the actor.
Александр Семчев признался, почему бросил двух детей

The Semchev did not deny that he left the eldest sons in order to satisfy creative ambitions. In the Studio, the program and the average son of man Cyril. The young man gladly embraced his half-brother, and promised that they would continue to communicate even if father will not approve.

Seeing that his children found a common language and went on contact, Alexander wanted to change my point of view.

“I would be happy if everything has changed in this life. If the guys were talking together, maybe then we would contact the three of us hooked to this my youngest son. I certainly understand the resentment, understand why they occurred”, – said the Semchev.

Presenter Dmitry Shepelev said that he was impressed by the honesty of the actor. Alexander did not deny his guilt in front of older kids. He honestly answered all the questions of the experts. Now the fans hope that after the meeting of brothers, the famous artist will be able to awaken his paternal instinct, and his family finally have peace.