Wife Karachentsova scandal, met with participants of road accident

Жена Караченцова устроила скандал, встретившись с участниками ДТП More than a year ago the couple was in a terrible accident. Lyudmila Porgina admitted that he was afraid not to survive after a terrible collision. Now the actress is going to appeal to the Supreme court to prove the truth.
Жена Караченцова устроила скандал, встретившись с участниками ДТП

In February of last year Lyudmila Porgina was driving the car, which contained her husband, a nurse and a relative. They drove down the highway from the suburbs to the capital. In the end, they are faced with “the Gazelle”. Machine famous couples overturned. Despite the terrible accident, all passengers miraculously survived – only some got fractures and injuries. Lyudmila Andreyevna told me that the truck departed the roadway from the roadside. The wife of Nicholas Karachentsova: “Guys, I good and had not planned the murder of her husband”

The driver of “Gazelle” Bakbergen of Geksanalem differently described the situation – he said he stopped, started to turn and suddenly a car had hit Parginos.

“I was like a kamikaze to kill yourself? This proved the lawyers of your Jura Zheleznyakova (the owner of the company where he worked Bakbergen – approx. “StarHit”), who wanted to win this trial. And you at this moment I had no one to court, because you already “exiled” in Kyrgyzstan that you did not say too much. You disappeared, we were looking for you,” said Polina.
Жена Караченцова устроила скандал, встретившись с участниками ДТП

However, the court pleaded not guilty Heksenhoeve. The young man rather weakly tried to defend its position, to submit evidence. Leading the program “Let them talk” Dmitry Borisov suggested that the participant of road accident came to wish the actor good health. “Of course we came to support him,” said the man.

The trial ended that in the first instance it Lyudmila Andreevna was found guilty. But she is going to continue to seek truth through the Supreme court. The actress hopes that the next meeting of the participant of road accident appears in the hall personally, and will not defend his version of the incident through a lawyer.

“I was dragged through the side window, and you stood around your car. I said, “Where is this bastard that killed me?” And you were standing by the car, gave an interview outraged Porgina. – I never cry, I have a conscience. If I am guilty I will pay for the sickness and ugliness of the people.”

Жена Караченцова устроила скандал, встретившись с участниками ДТП

Dmitry Borisov was ready to continue the program, however, Lyudmila Andreevna was so outraged by the man’s presence that demanded in an ultimatum to expel Geksanalem and his brother out of the Studio.

“Will you please get these people? Then I’ll go. I will not forgive those murderers. Let them go, they’ve done everything, said. Kohl’s will not work, if they will. They are toys, they are one! They are cold-blooded killers,” said Polina.

Eventually the men left the Studio, and later the audience was able to enjoy the personal presence of Nikolai Karachentsov, who recently returned from Israel, where he passed a course of treatment for cancer. Nikolay Karachentsov: “I dream that the cancer receded”

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