Sergei Semenov was forced to meet with Diane Shurygino

Сергея Семенова заставили встретиться с Дианой Шурыгиной The young people were in the same room. Sergey Semenov was surprised when I saw in a photo Studio Diana Shurygina. He refused to talk to her, and the girl in a rage left, slamming the door.
Сергея Семенова заставили встретиться с Дианой Шурыгиной

In late January of last year, Diana Shurygina told the whole country that she was the victim of a crime. When she was vacationing with a friend at a party in the company of strangers, I wouldn’t have to give up alcoholic drinks. In the end, after a time, the girl accused the 21-year-old Sergei Semenov of rape. The young man tried to prove that her words are filthy slander, but the court decided otherwise. In the end, the guy was in jail for a year instead of three years and three months in mid – January, he was released.

Today appeared the video, which depicted as Diana and Sergey met face to face. As it turned out, invited them in the Studio, however, does not specify for what purpose they were called in one place at one time. Semenov appeared in that moment, when the girl was doing makeup. Despite the entreaties of those who were in the room, the young man refused to speak with the one who sent him behind bars. Shurygina also troubled by the fact that the rapist was a short distance from her. She gathered her things and left the Studio.

Сергея Семенова заставили встретиться с Дианой Шурыгиной

Despite the fact that many viewers are frankly tired of the history of Shurygino and Semenov, still this topic is raised in various talk shows. Despite the fact that Diana was married and seemed to start a new life, she can’t forget the attention of strangers and the solution of all issues through the program. Recently, Diana stated that she wanted to kill herself because of alleged infidelity of her husband. The girl saw the picture in which her husband Andrew Slamin hugs another. But she decided to even bring this misunderstanding to the public, and went to the Studio “In fact” to a lie detector to expose chosen.

Diana Shurygina decided to take advantage of the fact that she knows almost the whole country, and therefore began a musical career. Despite the fact that the girl has no musical education, this did not prevent her to consider herself a singer. However, the presentation of the new songs and then broke – on the birthday of its producer Diana Bocharovoj appeared Dmitry Thorin, who led the sheep. Six months later his friend was released during the performance of Diana and Sasha live chicken. Sasha Act: “Diana Shurygina had an abortion from her husband”

As reported after Diana left the photo Studio, where he saw Semenova, she is quarreling with her husband.

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