Maria Pogrebnyak thin to the breaking point

Мария Погребняк исхудала до критического состояния The young woman told the fans that she did not fast. According to Maria Pogrebnyak, she began to rapidly lose weight. In this regard, the wife of the famous footballer had to stop limit yourself to food.

      Spectacular wife of footballer Pavel Pogrebnyak Maria – the owner of long legs and slender figure. Fans believe the young woman the standard of beauty and regularly write her compliments in social networks.

      Like many believers, Mary is fasting. Recently, however, the young woman had to interrupt the preparation for the celebration of Easter. Recently, Maria posted a photo that caused a lot of questions from her subscribers. In the picture published by chosen player imprinted a delicious salad with caviar and fish. “My dinner” – these words Pogrebnyak signed the resonance frame. Fans immediately began to ask a celebrity why she had broken her fast. As it turned out, blonde with model looks start rapidly losing weight. So beauty is seriously concerned about their health.

      “I paused! My weight was critical – 42 kg” – with these words Mary answered the question, subscribers will.

      Earlier in one of his appeals to fans of Mary said that her height 170 cm and weight is 44 kg. Some social media users believe that a charismatic blonde sits on a strict diet and fast, to keep myself in great shape. Others do suspect a young woman in serious illness. Mary herself denies such speculation, which she finds outrageous. “Yes, I know that in social networks people call me anorexic. But believe me, if I was anorexic, where I had so much energy, so much energy and good skin? Mom thinks I’ve always been thin, but she flatters me,” said Pogrebnyak in an interview. The star also said that not going to respond to the critical comments of detractors.

      Besides, Maria told me that is busy every day in the fitness center and then goes to work. It turns out that the wife of the athlete almost all day on my feet. Daily activity and proper nutrition is the secret the slim figure of the wife of a famous football player. In another interview Pogrebnyak has admitted that he prefers to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, and also refused from fast food and sweets. In addition, the blonde tries to drink a lot of water. According to Mary, husband in awe of her figure.