Бузова разрыдалась во время разговора о Тарасове The presenter was the guest of the program “Male/Female”. Talking with Yulia the baranouskaya in the Studio of Olga are unable to hold back the tears. The girl admitted that music helped her to survive difficult times after breaking up with her husband.

      Бузова разрыдалась во время разговора о Тарасове

      Olga Buzova came to the program “Male/Female” and openly spoke about how she managed to come back to life after her divorce from footballer Dmitry Tarasov. The presenter spoke with Yulia the baranouskaya about heavy breaking and also about how she is trying to conquer the world of music. Compositions by Olga for several months, sings the whole country. New video of Olga Buzova brought fans to tears

      Buzova admitted that starting her singing career, she knew what a difficult path awaits her. According to star, the radio station refused to take the rotation of its composition. Olga understood that it will fall a barrage of criticism from other colleagues in show business. She admits that she was before the tears of shame, when artists reacted negatively to her work.

      “I’m alone, I have no producers, no team, the production center… I’m fragile, sometimes I hurt, I do everything myself. No one selected their concerts, fans…” – said Olga.
      Бузова разрыдалась во время разговора о Тарасове

      All the pain star felt in the soul after the break with the beloved man, she moved to the lyrics of their songs. The song “the sounds of kissing” and “Used” gave her the opportunity to Express their emotions, but it does not reveal the innermost secrets of their family. “It really helps me. Otherwise I would have been in a mental hospital,” explained Buzova.

      The TV presenter, who used to delight many millions of fans with his smile, barely holding back tears coming to light and taking part in concerts. However, as a true professional, Jamie has realized that she can’t be weak on people.

      “I really hide what I have inside. Still emotions make themselves known… We are all human beings… When you want to bury yourself in a pillow that you just wished someone stood up for you, and no one does”, – said Olga.
      Бузова разрыдалась во время разговора о Тарасове

      Buzova admitted that he tries to fully occupy all his time, to not be alone. That is why she has built the most intense work schedule and performances. Sometimes the girl even became ill because of overwork during concerts, but the celebrity continued to storm thousands of rooms.

      The star admitted that he always trusted people and tried to please family and friends. Buzova never thought that some of the friends leave her in this difficult time.

      Olga Buzova first told hysterics after divorce

      “It’s not the first disappointment in my life. I’m real, not fake. I am so grateful that I found the strength to stay. For tremendous success and a smile, people feel a broken heart,” said Olga.
      Бузова разрыдалась во время разговора о Тарасове

      Actress was beside her when she was crying day and night. The mother and the sister of reality star supported her after her divorce from footballer. Olga recalled how they tried to cheer her up and not allowed to remain alone. According to Buzova, her mother has always been the toughest critic. The woman advised the girl how to dress, and sometimes was blamed for bright makeup. Between mother and daughter was pretty tense relationship, and never had a trusting conversations. However, when the life of Olga ruptured with a spouse, that’s loved ones helped her not to ruin the health and to restore morale.

      “Now she told me he was proud of me how worthy I survived the situation,” he told Buzova.

      As recognized by the TV presenter Yulia Baranovskaya, she continues to believe in love, despite the events that has severely affected its morale. However now Olga has taken into account that it is not necessary to show the public happiness. “I would like your future relationship to hide to hide to them at all nobody knew,” admitted Buzova. According to star, the most important thing in any pair is loyalty and devotion. The artist hopes to be able again to love, but it is very hard. “I have this condition to live as I can,” – said Olga.

      Fans watched as Olga having fun with friends in Spain or sings at the concert hall, but don’t know that outside of work she prefers to sit quietly at home, play with dogs and chat with loved ones.

      The presenter believes that the situation helped her grow. The young woman does not exclude that’ll meet your love. However, Buzova wants future choice allowed her to perform on stage in skimpy outfits, and would be able to love and cherish.

      Olga believes that it is still not ready to procreate. Despite the fact that the rumors about pregnancy stars appeared in the press many times, she decided not to have kids. Buzova was preparing to become a mom before parting with Tarasov

      “I don’t say that I’m 31 and have no children. Will 35, will be in the 40 then. I’m not ready for them, I don’t need them. I’m better now I’m alone, I will devote myself to the work, people,” this position is shared by Olga.