Maksim explained the disappearance of the secular society

МакSим объяснила свое исчезновение из светского общества The famous singer spoke about why rarely appears at parties. The singer admitted that he finds the various events where she is invited, idle and stupid. Mack prefers to communicate with friends than with the regulars at various gatherings.

      Singer Maksim is very difficult to find them at social events. In addition, the artist rarely gives interviews on personal topics. Therefore, some believe the celebrity is quite a closed person. But recently, the singer made an exception and spoke with reporters, explaining the reasons for their disappearance from sections of gossip. Mack said he did not consider it expedient to visit the various “get-togethers”. A young woman finds them extremely useless pastime.

      “I don’t see the point to go to different social events. In the beginning I was persuaded. I came, I was drifting cameras to be able to shoot any star, said, “Girl, get away”. And I still do not understand how shifting from foot to foot in a crowd with a glass in his hands and do nothing? Why is that? In any action must be a reason,” explained the artist.

      The singer openly admitted that she is not afraid of loneliness. According to Maksim, she has some periods of total immersion in study. Then she went into the world of books. Recently, however, the singer tries to spend time outside the home. A young woman says she began to communicate more and meet friends. Maksim also revealed that she has a relatively small social circle, this is due to the nature of the stars. “I’m just difficult and inflexible with me difficult,” the artist explains.

      Recall that in a few days, the singer is going to perform with a big solo concert, which will celebrate the decade of his musical career, in one of the capital’s clubs. The star program is called “It’s me”. In recognition of a young woman, she is preparing a surprise for fans. Mack says that her performance will resemble the dramatic work. Fans of the singer look forward to a spectacular event, which promises to be one of the most memorable events of spring.

      During the conversation with reporters Maksim announced that it has thought through all the details of the upcoming concert to the smallest detail. The singer says that he gathered around himself a talented team of associates. “I try to bring in new musicians, artists, who will implement the vision of the programme on the big screen, aerialists, dancers” – quoted celebrity Peopletalk.