Maria Odoevtseva shared details of the wedding

Мария Адоевцева поделилась подробностями венчания The woman told fans that combined knot with the chosen one. Maria Odoevtseva admitted that he is very happy. “StarHit” found out the details of the incident of the celebration. Ordinance was attended by the children of the couple.

Eks-the participant “Houses-2” Maria Odoevtseva got married on Sunday. She put the frame in a wedding gown, which caused a flurry of comments from the subscribers. The followers congratulated the woman with a second marriage, but she did not comment on this event. Maria Odoevtseva tried on a wedding dress

The next day, Maria decided to reveal the secret of what is happening. She informed fans that he and Michael went to the altar.

“Yesterday my husband and I got married! It is a great joy for us! As long as we were going through different obstacles and temptations, but still came! Many of the summer all of you and us!” – said Maria.

A new picture of Maria looks very happy and joyful. Fans congratulate Odoevtseva with the fact that she once again found happiness. “Congratulations! Council Yes love!” “A huge happiness!”, “Let the girl delight and bask in the rays of your love”, “What bright news! Be happy!”, “Masha, I heartily congratulate you,” wrote a follower. “StarHit” contacted Odoevtseva and learned the details of the event.

“Everything went great, wonderful. It’s such a mystery… my Daughter was with us, they’re angels,” – said Maria “StarHit”.

Recall that a few months ago Maria Odoevtseva admitted to followers that he had met a new love. After parting ways with Sergei, whom she had met at the “House-2” the woman had long led a secluded life. Ex-member of the reality show noted that it dispersed peacefully with a former lover.

“Today, he’s enjoying his long-awaited freedom and is not in a hurry to be a dad, husband or even just close. No one can be forced to take care of the family. Love can no one’s ever been. But life goes on. Not to say that we got worse. Somehow on the contrary everything turned out,” said Odoevtseva “StarHit”.