Дженнифер Лоуренс не получила роль в фильме Тарантино из-за внешности

Unpleasant, but true – sexy Hollywood actress, one of the youngest owners of “Oscar”, Jennifer Lawrence didn’t fit the role in a new film directed by Quentin Tarantino due to the fact that not handsome enough. Popular star was upset, but the scandals did not.

26-year-old Jennifer Lawrence became one of the candidates for the role model, the wife of Roman Polanski Sharon Tate, who died at the hands of members of the sect of Charles Manson in 1969. For the film came from the brilliant Quentin Tarantino. It was he who suggested the young Hollywood actress. However the family of Sharon Tate doesn’t want Lawrence played their dead relative. Most of all opposed the candidacy of sister Sharon Tate Debra. The girl openly stated that he believes Jennifer is not beautiful enough, and so she can’t play her sister. Tate Debra suggested to choose for the lead role in the film, Margot Robbie (star of the TV series “Neighbours” and “pan am”). In her opinion, the beauty of Robbie conveys the beauty of Sharon.
Debra Tate commented on the situation by the American media. She said that Margot Robbie reminds her dead sister and the way she carries herself. And here’s Jennifer Lawrence in her statement, a good man, but absolutely does not fit the canons of beauty. The sister of the deceased admitted that judging a person by appearance is impossible, but only because of the beauty developed a career Sharon. So the actress who embodies her image on the screen needs to be perfect in appearance.
Jennifer Lawrence very quietly reacted to the statement of Debra Tate, but decided not to tell their point of view.
It is noted that Quentin Tarantino in his new film also wants to work with brad pitt and Samuel L. Jackson.
Recall that Sharon Tate and four others killed members of the sect of Charles Manson. The girl struck sixteen stab wounds when she was at home. Five of them were fatal. At that time Sharon was pregnant at the eighth month. Roman Polanski could not believe that his beloved was killed. He did not accept the official version and even looking for the murderers himself. But then believe and put up with the main version. These murders are still considered to be the most high-profile serial crimes in America.