Дмитрий Шепелев разберется во лжи близких людей Leading officially returns to the First channel. In the beginning of next week will premiere a new talk show, called “In fact”. Dmitry Shepelev will help our heroes to find the truth and to restore the relationship.
Дмитрий Шепелев разберется во лжи близких людей

TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev returned to the new talk show of the First channel. Premiere of “actually” will be held on Monday, July 24, at 18:45.

As the press service of the television, the presenter will help your characters to come clean and find out the truth. People who were once close, but have diverged as a result of lies, will try to get back together in the Studio.

According to Shepeleva, in every dispute “there are two truths”. The presenter considers it important to hear the opinion of the other side.

Дмитрий Шепелев разберется во лжи близких людей“The question is, are you ready both to learn the truth? And I add: in our Studio it is impossible to lie” – he commented.

Dmitry also noted that he knows firsthand about the troubles that can lead to unwillingness to speak the truth. The man is going to share personal experiences with characters from a TV show.

“A lie can break a person’s life, destroy his career, his family, his future. For a long time I lie covered, I know how hard it is to live with it. In this program, I want to help other people to hear each other, discover the truth and find out what happens with them actually. I have always wanted to be a talk show on the First channel. Finally came the time to make this happen. I’m going home,” – said the TV star.

Earlier in mass media appeared information about the fact that Dmitry Shepelev will be leading the project, which will test people on lie-detector. Then the representatives of the First channel declined to comment about the upcoming TV show. The man also decided not to speak about the new program, preferring to keep its details secret until the official premiere.

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We will add that in February of this year Dmitry Shepelev shared their plans about the work on the channel “Russia 1”. The man wrote in the microblog that has become a leading program “live”. However, the representatives of the channel confirmed the news, a few months later Boris korchevnikov said that remains in the talk show. In addition, according to the journalist, in the future, spectators will have many different surprises.

Note also that Shepelev quite a long time did not appear as a presenter on the Federal channels. In November last year, the man presented the book “Jeanne”, dedicated to tragically deceased civil wife. In his work he remembered that the famous singer had struggled with cancer.