Housekeeper Kirkorov told about the lack of money Tamara Miansarova

Домработница Киркорова рассказала о безденежье Тамары Миансаровой Lyudmila Dorodnov shared memories of the popular singer. According to the woman, who has worked at artist of 15 years, Tamara Miansarova always been kind to her. Assistant regretted that the star received a pittance for their creativity.
Домработница Киркорова рассказала о безденежье Тамары Миансаровой

Last week died, the singer Tamara Miansarova, memorable Soviet and Russian listeners with hits “Black cat” and “Let there always be sunshine”. Recent years the woman did not get out of bed because of hip fracture has lost the ability to move independently.

Housekeeper Ludmila Dorodnov knew Miansarova many years. First, the woman worked at artist costume designer, and then began to help with the housework. Ludmila says that Tamara Grigoryevna helped her to meet other star clients: Alla Pugacheva and Philip Kirkorov. Dorodnov is still working in the house of the king of pop.

The woman began to work at Miansarovoj, when her son Andrew was only 8 years old. Later Ludmila became a godmother for the second child actress, daughter of Katie.

Домработница Киркорова рассказала о безденежье Тамары Миансаровой“Tamara had no specific requests. She was very kind. Her songs are loved by the children. When she was working, in fact, I felt really happy,” recalls Dorodnov.
Домработница Киркорова рассказала о безденежье Тамары Миансаровой

According to the housekeeper, she had to learn to cook for Miansarovoj her favorite foods, and salted capelin. Lucy was accompanied by a star in the performances. She was surprised that even little children know who Tamara Grigorievna. According to Dorodnova, despite the people’s love, Miansarova was experiencing financial difficulties.

“Her life was not sweet. Of course, she was worried that the work in recent years has been small. After all, in her youth she was the only one on stage who had a Conservatory education. Worked for wear, and received a penny” – shared Ludmila.

As recognized by the housekeeper, the journalists of “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, at the funeral Miansarovoj, which took place on Monday, July 17, was attended by friends of the artist: Vadim Mulerman, Igor nadzhiev, Julian, Aristarkh Livanov. A native son of the artist Andrey, with whom Tamara Grigorievna was an uneasy relationship because of property disputes, also came to say goodbye to her. As claimed Miansarovoj husband mark Feldman, the heir lied to all my life mother, and a few years ago, a trick picked up her cottage.