Анна Седокова обнародовала интимную связь влиятельного политика The singer shared details of the novel friend. According to Anna Sedokova, one of her friend began to meet secretly with a proprietary man and revealed the singer details his new hobby. The star was surprised by her choice.
Анна Седокова обнародовала интимную связь влиятельного политика

Singer Anna Sedokova became a columnist of the periodical. The star demonstrates that nothing human is alien to her and shares with her fans a personal experience. In a recent article, the singer remembered the story of life. Celebrity revealed one of the Hobbies of his girlfriend.

According to Anna, her friend met an influential political figure. Friend Sedokova shared with her new novel. As it turned out, the man was married.

“One of my friends slept with a big politician. We sat in the restaurant, and she’s just so, between the hot and cold, told me what he was like in bed. Then I looked at him, such a mighty and cruel, in a suit such a dark blue (and my wife was next to so serious) – he sternly talked about reforms in the country, and I saw him only as a man doing cunnilingus Tanya”, – shared the singer.

In addition, Anna remembered another case of life, is no less impressive. Once the star was on the show. The action statement was in the mansion. One of the dancers, recreating the scenes on “sex and sexuality”, making out with a young man who then liked the singer.

“She closed the door behind him, and he didn’t come out for twenty minutes. During this time, I cursed everything, than was engaged, what was removed, the performance of the Director, the girl, his very life. (…) I was so dirty. I was so gross. I ran out of the mansion, cursing his life,” said Anna.

Then the artist made a promise to myself more “never to promote sex.” However, after some time, the attitude of Anna Sedokova to this subject has changed.

Note that in their videos celebrity regularly demonstrates what great shape she is in, to the delight of his many fans. In early July, the star gave a very candid video for the song “Passion”. By the time of this writing, the video has received over three million views on YouTube. Fans of Anna noticed that she quickly dropped the extra pounds after childbirth.

Anna Sedokova showed appetizing forms in a BDSM suit

In a recent column for glossy magazines celebrity commented resonant clip, which many people found provocative. Anna believes that the way she “put on her armor and immunity.” “People talk about my Breasts and will not delve into the soul” – quoted Sedokova the magazine OK!.