Mary Maksakova deprived of the opportunity to rehabilitate the spouse posthumously

Марию Максакову лишили возможности реабилитировать супруга посмертно According to media reports, the criminal case against the men is going to close in connection with the departure of the accused from life. About it the correspondent reported a source in the investigation. Lawyer Denis Boronenkov confirmed the end of production.
Марию Максакову лишили возможности реабилитировать супруга посмертно

Today in mass media there was information that the criminal case against the murdered in Kyiv former Deputy of the state Duma Denis Boronenkov, husband of Opera singer Maria Maksakova, will close. Production was discontinued with the wording “for the death of the accused”.

As told a source, the recent investigation was able to achieve impressive results. Thus, according to correspondents, the fact of death of the accused does not play a significant role. The insider also said that Mary Maksakova was not put under pressure.

“Given what happened in her family of the tragedy tried to go as forward. Mother, sister, wife and children asked to close the criminal case. We will do that,” says the source.
Марию Максакову лишили возможности реабилитировать супруга посмертно

Lawyer Denis Boronenkov Andrey Grivtsov confirmed that the criminal case against a political figure close. According to the lawyer, members of the family of the former Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation expressed agreement with the cessation of production in writing.

“All close relatives, including Maria Maksakova, as far as I know, wrote that no objection to the dismissal on these grounds in connection with the death. By virtue of the law the investigator is now obliged to drop the case, because the earlier the protection already provided documentary evidence of the murder Boronenkov,” – said Grivtsov.

We add that the closure of the criminal case with the formulation “for the death of the accused” makes it impossible for his posthumous rehabilitation. Despite the fact that production was discontinued, the charges against Denis Boronenkov not removed.

Earlier in the course of the conversation with the media lawyer of the deceased political figure Andrey Grivtsov commented on the possible termination of the case in connection with the death of his ward. According to the lawyer, this means that Boronenkov automatically recognize the accused, but the resolution is written that he has committed a crime.

Sources in the investigation also told reporters that the money in the amount of 50 thousand euros, taken from the cell Bank of Maria Maksakova in the framework of operational activities, was returned to the singer. According to them, the singer got back up and her jewelry as we have been able to prove that they belonged to her personally, reports “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

Recall that Denis Boronenkov declared in Federal and international wanted list in February, and the court arrested the ex-Deputy from the Communist party in absentia. The man was accused of falsification of the unified state register of legal entities and fraud. In March, the life of a politician came to an abrupt end – he was shot near the hotel “Premier Palace” in Kiev center.