Мария Адоевцева перестала скрывать беременность The reality star has confirmed that it will soon become a mother for the second time. Maria posted a photo on the personal page in Instagram and told fans about her pregnancy.

One of the most striking ex-participants of the TV project “Dom-2” Maria Odoevtseva last summer married her husband Michael. The couple has two girls from previous marriages – native Lisa and daughter’s husband from a previous relationship Make. Girls the same age immediately found a common language. Odoevtseva does not hide that is happy in his new marriage, and she’s very excited to be a mom of two babies.

Some time ago, fans suspected that Mary soon again become a mother. Deeply devout, Orthodox Maria wrote that in this time of fasting will not. The suspicions of the fans was justified. Now the reality star herself has confirmed that is indeed pregnant. She has published a photo, which holds itself over the rounded belly, and admitted that expecting a baby. She pointed out the exact time – 17 weeks.

“Well, what else to add, today’s picture of the life for itself all said? Give up and share good news. I’m the mother! Me settled man, the fruit of love and hope, which yet no more nor less, and 17 weeks, but we all of our family loved him dearly and counting the days waiting! And how do I with you this secret not to share if you’ve had congratulated, even when “empty” was (but the whole year you have suspicion go?) And this happy and growing with each passing day to hide was all the more difficult, and why not already. It still would, sooner or later you would come with me in the long-awaited new stage of life, full of expectation, excitement and all sorts of natural maternal joys. Now I ask your prayers for the interesting Maria! Thank you for the congratulations and for always being so good to us…” – wrote Maria.

Internet users that follow the life of Mary, greeted her. “When father to you post is not blessed, I immediately realized! God bless you and your God’s miracle!”; “Masha, how happy for all of your light family! It is such a joy”; “I congratulate your great family with such an important event in your life! Let pregnancy and childbirth will be easy! You have a wonderful family! Such wonderful helpers and the strong arm of the wife is always next to you,” wrote her followers.

Recall that the daughter Mary Lisa four years. With the girl’s father, Sergey Odoevtseva, Maria met on the project “Dom-2”, they got married and had a child, and for a long time they were considered one of the most exemplary families that came with the project. But almost two years ago, Mary announced the divorce, and the cause was identified as: “Sergey “left me spiritually”. For me marriage is a Union of souls. But when such a connection is terminated, the collapsing family,” she said in an interview with “StarHit”.