Сын советской фигуристки Ирины Родниной едва не погиб в перестрелке The hero of the new issue of the Internet project”it’s Time to cut back” was a 39-year-old Alexander Zaitsev, the son of Olympic Champions in figure skating Irina Rodnina and Alexander Zaitsev. The man agreed to a Frank conversation about life in the United States.
Сын советской фигуристки Ирины Родниной едва не погиб в перестрелке

According to the heir to the athletes abroad had to move due to mom’s work in the 90 years it has signed several major contracts. In the end, with her and my stepfather Leonid Minkovsky they settled in the area of Los Angeles. However, Zaitsev-Junior until recently did not want to leave Moscow, because grieved at parting with grandma and grandpa.

“I basically knew English, in Russia, studied in an English special school. But when I got to America, I realized, nothing but “Hello! I’m Sasha from Russia” (“hi! I’m Sasha from Russia”. – Ed.) could not say. However, when I went to school, acquired friends, and started to learn conversational English. Mom too was hard, it did not know, she had to learn it from scratch. Sister (Alena, born Rodnina married to Minkovsky. – Ed.) now lives in America. When it comes to Russia, understands, can talk in Russian. But America is already closer than Russia”, – says Alexander.

In addition to the faithful comrades Zaitsev-Junior found for yourself and your favorite passion – hockey. However, Irina Konstantinovna did not want to give it to the sports section, was afraid that his son learn to swear, and he’ll knock your teeth out. But in the end agreed. When Alexander grew up, he worked as a dishwasher in restaurants.

Сын советской фигуристки Ирины Родниной едва не погиб в перестрелке“I always wanted to go back to their Homeland. In the first case, when you could make out legs, took advantage of it. There is the mentality of other people, they live a little bit. If in Russia we have strange people help on the street then in the States it’s rare,” says the heir of the Soviet skaters.
Сын советской фигуристки Ирины Родниной едва не погиб в перестрелке

According to Alexander, over the years spent in America, he often got into trouble. Sometimes hares was on the verge of life and death.

“I met a boy, he was almost the only black we have in the mountains. It turned out that he and his brother, both of them in the gang was. And brother was there senior fellow. When he brought his friends, it was evident that they had pistols in his bosom. Once he called to his guests, there was a full house with some black, all – guns. Go, the leader shouts: “Hey, white!”, and I answered: “hi, nigger!” All around blustery, I said to him, say how you let some white you can call it that? And he said: “It’s not white, it is – Russian!” So he did not count for insult”.

In America hares, Jr., received a good secondary education, but could not understand what wants to tie their future. Stopped at art of ceramics. However, to obtain wanted profession exclusively in Russia, he entered the art-industrial Academy. Stroganov.

“Father wasn’t against of my moving. Although at that time he already lived in the States. Mom said, “Well, just because you want to – go”. She in this aspect is not particularly hampered,” says Alexander.

Back Home, the heir of Olympic Champions on the choice never regretted. “I would like to travel around and see some of the city. For Example, Vladivostok, Arkhangelsk…. Vologda wonderful city. That way if I ever moved!”