Maria Odoevtseva found a new family

Мария Адоевцева обрела новую семью The former participant “Houses-2” have been able to find true love. Maria Odoevtseva happy with the choice Michael. The reality star apologized to fans for keeping them from the relationship with her lover.

      Last year, one of the brightest participants of the reality show “Dom-2” Maria Odoevtseva could frankly tell your fans about the divorce with her husband Sergei. Long time fans considered them the perfect couple and even could not imagine that such a strong Alliance can disintegrate. However, Mary’s life came to light band – she finally found long-awaited happiness and was not afraid to tell the public about the new chosen one Michael. The star of “House-2” admitted that her beloved has a daughter whom Odoevtseva now raising as my own.

      “Everything we humans dream about their own happiness, and when it is gain, it is felt that happiness loves peace and quiet. But me still there are thousands of well-wishers, to share, tell you what I can. I beg to love and favor! The second girl, which many have already noticed the photo name is Varvara Mikhailovna. She’s our wonderful sunpuddle. Lisa they are the same age and thick as thieves like always it was. I hope it will be! Always! So get used to it, now I have two little girls. And yet behind the scenes is a part of us was dad. Was, is and believe that he is anywhere from us will not escape! Mike, thank you for everything! Now I know what is the “loving and beloved.” You are my fortress! You “the most”! And how nice that you’re mine!” – unable to restrain his excitement a young mother.

      Fans were pleasantly surprised by the news and rushed to congratulate Maria. They were glad that Odoevtseva could find my soul mate. They hope that her new family will reign love and harmony. “Wow! Happiness, love and prosperity! Every girl deserves to be loved,” “Mary! I never cease to be surprised and amazed at how much you are cozy and bright. That’s fair. And Lisa you have a like an angel of some sort! I’m sure you will be a great mother to Athens, it has already become. Harmony, love and kindness to your family,” “Mary, wonderful news! You deserve it, you deserve to be happy! God forbid that this man did not disappoint and did not disappoint! Love and understanding!” – I wrote to the followers of the star of a reality show.

      Maria admitted that for a long time did not want to expose his relationship with Michael show. She was worried that their love may cause envy of others. Odoevtseva asked for forgiveness from the fans that ignored their questions about his personal life, because he could not believe his luck. In an interview with “StarHit” the reality star admitted that she was always surrounded by decent men, but not all young women can fend for themselves too closely. She felt a responsibility to his daughter. Eks-the participant “Houses-2” Maria Odoevtseva: “my Husband left me spiritually”