Alla Dovlatov is waiting for fourth child

Алла Довлатова ждет четвертого ребенка Leading is preparing once again to become a mother. According to Dovlatova, she is in fourth month of pregnancy. The woman feels well. The actress admits it has no plans to make a break in work.

      Well-known presenter Alla Dovlatov is waiting for fourth child. The actress said that the baby will be born in early summer. The star of “Russian radio” is feeling great and plans to continue to work all nine months of pregnancy. According to Dovlatova, to remain full of strength and energy, it helps yoga. Daily Anna performs asanas, which allow it to maintain flexibility and not to gain extra weight.

      Coach actress closely monitor the exercises, so the 42-year-old himself is not afraid to take the most complex yoga postures. Sometimes a mentor that is involved with Alla, performs pair exercises and insures it during strong deflections.

      Dovlatov is trying to eat right, not to gain many pounds during pregnancy. According to the actress, she often arranges itself fasting days, so that the body get rid of excess.

      “I arrange a fasting days on unsalted rice with grated Apple. Complained about yesterday to her daughter that very hungry and she asks me: “Mom, why are you torturing yourself?” And I answered her: “dashulya, you know, showing all the models are so thin! Next to them I’ll be shy – just look at the background twice” And she said to me: “That’s bullshit! Yes, they are all girls, im twenty years old, who you will be with them to compare?”. And the truth, and I like it even in a head did not come. And once it became easy and calm the soul. So I have grown to the moment when the daughter of me so grown-up-supported”, – Alla shared their secrets.

      We will remind that 42-year-old star has three children. In the first marriage Dovlatova had a son Paul and daughter Daria. When Alla married the second time for Alexis Beard, was born the daughter of Alexander. Having lived 10 years together, the couple decided to have another child. Social networks Dovlatov hides the changed form under a wide clothes, trying not to attract attention to his person.