Marilyn Kerro revealed the new darling of Olga Buzova

Мэрилин Керро раскрыла нового избранника Ольги Бузовой The finalist of “the battle of psychics” have told about the future of the presenter. According to Marilyn Kerro, the problems in the marriage of Olga Buzova started two years ago, but the couple tried to preserve the Union. The red-haired witch also told about the person with which the reality star will soon begin a novel.

      Мэрилин Керро раскрыла нового избранника Ольги Бузовой

      The finalist of “the battle of psychics” Marilyn Kerro told about the past, present and future, the leading “House-2” Olga Buzova. According to the Estonian witches, celebrity was destined to part with a famous football player Dmitry Tarasov. Figure Buzova – nine, she suggests that the star is very difficult in relationships with men. Such women usually find love after thirty-five years.

      Marilyn Kerro song Buzova: “Olya, it’s not your way”

      “She’s too soft, does not know how to say “no”. Love, not thinking of himself. This is the biggest mistake. If Olga will be able to overcome itself, the fate can change,” said Kerro.

      According to Marilyn, the leading reality show and player of “Locomotive” were very different people.

      “They had nothing in common spiritually. Therefore, the fact that they parted, it was clear before. What is surprising is that they lasted this long. Perhaps it is a habit to be together. They gave each other a new chance, and at some point came to a standstill. I see a love triangle,” said Kerro, without going into details.

      Kerro also reported that the athlete, apparently, did not feel himself master in his own house. “She was always above: smarter, stronger. When it was necessary to maintain, did it, and not Vice versa… I believe that the problems in the family began two years ago,” – said the psychic.

      Marilyn also revealed that the presenter is not life without a man around, a woman should be able to be happy and alone. “If she decides to come back to it, then everything will be repeated and will get worse”, – said the witch.

      As told by the mystical star of the TV show, in the future, Olga Buzova waiting for a sincere and lasting relationship with someone from her entourage. However, this will not happen immediately.

      “Some time she’ll be alone, though with her many men. Olga should be me to understand why it happened, learn your lessons and move on. Her new lover will be the one who for a long time will be for her only friend. I think this is the right way to start a relationship. Olga does not need a famous man, he is from another realm. He’s already next to her, but she did not recognize in him a soul mate”, – said Kerro.

      At the end of his speech posted on the website of “House-2”, Marilyn said it has no plans to declassify the identity of the new elect Olga. According to Kerro, over time, Buzova she realizes who it is.