Maria Mironov denied the affair with Aleksei Makarov

Мария Миронова открестилась от романа с Алексеем Макаровым The actress visited the Studio of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Koschevnikovi. The successor to the famous father of Andrei Mironov told about his personal life. The actress shared with the TV host, memories of how I survived the death of the Pope.

Maria Mironova is a childhood dream of becoming a ballerina. But in the end followed in the footsteps of his famous father, Andrei Mironov.

In the Studio of “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Koschevnikovi Maria said she became a mother quite early. The actress gave birth to son Andrew, as soon as she turned 18. Despite her young age, Mironov became heir to a real friend. The first husband of the actress was the businessman Igor Udalov, he is older than Mary for eight years.

“I can tell you that no conflict of divorce I have never been. No complaints, no hard feelings. I’m absolutely sincere. Maybe because for me is important, always clean and bright relationship with the child, with the past”, – said Mironov.

“Loneliness… I do this feeling, on the one hand, familiar, none on the other. We are born alone, if not with the twin. All the reality and the reality of our lives – she’s like that. Life is very short to keep some bad moments. There is no past, future has not yet arrived, there is only the here and now. I learned a long this quality: live here and now,” said the artist.

Soon after the first marriage, the actress split up, but Maria managed to keep my ex-husband a friendly relationship.

Following the husband of the actress became the adviser of the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences Dmitry Klokov. The artist was able to make friends first and the second husbands. They even somehow flew together to relax.

“I’m always in a very good mode, trying to resolve any situation. The world around me, it must be positive. Yes, God loves me. All the people who came into my life, they are not random. I can say only good things about these people,” – said Mironov.

The actress admitted that son Andrew in adolescence did not differ exemplary behavior. “He’s just a guy very sociable, and I have always been sure that all the “friendly company” met in our home. Had such a situation that the number of people in the apartment exceeded the norm. The children in his class, from the other side,” said Maria.

Maria also said that until now remember how I left the life of her famous father, Andrei Mironov. When a nationwide pet became ill on stage during a performance, Maria, being a 14-year-old girl, ran up to dad. Mironov alone went with him to the hospital, pushing all. The artist actually died in her arms.

The woman noticed that the likes of foster daughter of her famous dad Mary Golubkina, both Actresses get along well. Growing up, they began to communicate closely, starred together in the films.

Boris korchevnikov not miss the opportunity to ask Maria a question about her affair with Alexey Makarov. The actor has repeatedly said in interviews and online that was married to Mary. Mironov, in turn, replied evasively to the presenter.

“I can say that I have a friendly attitude towards Alex. He is a wonderful person. But I always Alexei perceived as a friend. It is up to me gentle. Leave it behind the scenes, like my passport,” – said Mironov.

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